I believe empowered women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity in the world today!

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Who is this GRAND 2023 Mindset Reset Movement for?

As a professional life coach, I help women 55+ empower themselves to…

  • Release past regrets and disappointments

  • Get emotionally and physically healthy

  • Build enriching relationships

  • Tap into their passion

  • Discover their purpose

  • Activate their Prosperity SUPERPOWERS™

After all we’ve been through, isn’t this an ideal time in our lives to master our emotions and our health, do what we love, make a contribution, and increase our income? It’s not too late…begin your journey here!

What is a tipping point?

A tipping point occurs when an idea, trend, or social behavior achieves such a significant influence that its effect and impact are unstoppable! Empowered women who empower other women enrich the lives and contribute to the value, freedom, and prosperity of all women. Once empowered, we are then responsible to pay it forward and contribute to a cause greater than ourselves.

Step 1: Begin your ‘mindset reset’ journey by taking our FREE Prosperity SUPERPOWER QUIZ™

With all the uncertainty and chaos in the country, this is a safe, thriving environment to initiate bold change.
Join us for access to personal growth products, online courses, workshops, and group coaching, plus an opportunity to join in a Prosperity Mastermind™ with other like-minded women 55+ who want to be part of a movement to influence powerful change in the world today.
  • Develop your ‘mindset reset’ in 2023 to write an exciting new chapter in your life
  • Be inspired to create a brand new legacy career or idea that serves you, your family and your community
  • Learn how to monetize your legacy
  • Build a network of collaborative empowering relationships with other women

Step 2: Click on one image below choosing an area in your life you most want and need to improve and elevate!

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Relationship Health

Financial Health

Each area of life has an inspiring workshop to introduce you to this Movement and how to overcome your challenges to live the life of your dreams. 

Empowered Women – Empower Women. 

My mission is to provide leading-edge coaching programs specifically designed for women 55+ to take their lives to the next level, because every woman deserves an opportunity to thrive and prosper…despite her circumstances today.