2021, New Year Fresh Start!

The Pandemic has been debilitating. It has definitely set us back!  Do you ever think this thought, please let 2020 be over with?

Out of this COVID-19 experience, my WHY, my Great Purpose Statement (GPS) became: To create a platform for women to come to a community & access high-value affordable group coaching, with other motivated women, to elevate their lives in the aftermath of the Pandemic.  

I believe every woman deserves an opportunity to thrive & prosper in all areas of her life. The circumstances around this set-back doesn’t have to keep us from making a come-back.  Have you assessed the possibilities for yourself to experience a fresh new start. What’s at stake if you don’t?

I founded LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community For Women™ to offer women like you a pathway to a fresh new start.  I created it to be affordable & easily accessible, so whatever stage of life a woman is in, or whatever she’s struggling with, we’d be here to provide a safe & supportive environment for healing & winning. MY definition of prosperity is embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life.  The key word is embracing. 

This platform provides access, at your fingertips, to over 25 coaching workshops & classes with new content added monthly…all provided by professional coaches & functional health experts…

  • Learn to self-care & master your emotions for peak performance​ (Emotional Health)
  • Achieve optimal health for protection against disease, physical pain & viruses (Physical Health)
  • ​Elevate your relationships & communication (Relational Health)
  • Lead in your career or business, increase your professional value & your income (Financial Health)

I developed something I would want for myself & the circle of women in my life. Come for the Community-Stay for the Coaching.

November is Physical Health Month on the platform. We are featuring, Shedding COVID-19 Lbs. (or less) Challenge with a special offer to shed lbs., get healthy & leap into the Community for one affordable option. 

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Gloria Manchester is accredited by The International Coaching Federation (ICF-ACC), a Prosperity-Building Coach,  an Amazon Bestselling Author & Certified in Conversational Intelligence® & New Money Story®