There are three things for certain in life. We are either growing, plateauing, or declining.  Think of your career and finances, marriage or relationship,  parenting, friendships, getting healthier, both physically and spiritually, or any project you’ve embarked on.  On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being best, where would you rate your progress and growth in each of these?

This week I sat in on a free webinar for ministry and nonprofits. It was the best webinar I have experienced in a long time. It was called Momentum in Leadership facilitated by my pastor, Ray Johnston. I have been going to Bayside, a non-denominational Christian Church, for 14 years. In this time span,  the church has grown to about 15,000 people attending each weekend. I love my church. The messages are inspiring and restorative … and we are still growing after all these years. Pastor Ray shakes us up constantly. I am not sure he ever sleeps!

While I sat through this dynamic webinar, I realized the whole message of recapturing momentum could apply to any part of our lives.  As I was frantically taking notes, I was reflecting and rethinking my own life. I have often had a great start in an endeavor, over-committed,  and then it happened … it started going downhill! How do I rethink it to save it, if there’s value in doing so for myself and others?

Here’s 7 steps to recapturing momentum:
  • Reset priorities (shift your mindset)
  • Recognize where you are sabotaging yourself (and stop)
  • Recapture your passion for it (passion is inner strength fueled by hope.)
  • Refocus your attention (recognize what isn’t working)
  • Revise your strategy (create new ideas to make it work)
  • Recommit to making it a win-win endeavor (for everyone involved)
  • Re-calibrate (make adjustments along the way)

This is a formula I have tested many times in my life. I hope it works for you. Focus on what matters! It will make a difference.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC