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The mission of Create a Thriving Life Story™ is to provide accessible, affordable, and actionable group coaching for women in all struggles and stages in life. We’ve created a rich environment for women to change their stories and change their lives… in order to thrive and prosper.

Group coaching is less costly then one-on-one coaching, very effective, and most viable when you’re in a group with common goals or issues. It’s an extremely powerful and synergistic approach; working within a community where each participant comes with their own stories that often parallels yours. You’ll discover, through this process, you’re not alone and that “not alone” can be critical to your personal growth and development that can make a positive, significant difference in your life.

We serve to encourage, inspire, and support women to grow as entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders, career seekers, contributors, influencers, wives, mothers, and grandmothers. We even have a life and leadership course for teenage girls. We want you to live your life in bloom in spite of any negative circumstances you may be experiencing today.

Change Your Story – Change Your Life™!

We believe the future of personal and professional development for women is in group coaching programs with coaches that want to watch you prosper.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Prosperity-Builder Coach™

Watch this short video below to learn more about the benefits of hiring a profesional life coach presented by one of our Prosperity-Builder Coaches™ Malia Monaco, MA, ICF-ACC.