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About Create a Thriving Life Story™

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An innovative platform called CreateAThrivingLifeStory.com is here, with accessible and affordable workshops, live and online courses, webinars, masterminds, and products to compellingly move you to take action in your life. This is the place to find a professionally-certified coach/facilitator who will explore with you, in a safe and co-creative process, writing or narrating a thriving new story you want to bring to the world.

This platform is all about you living your best life!

Where do you want to thrive in your life, your relationships, health, business, and/or career? Where do you need to raise the bar in order to experience your optimum potential?  Is there a pattern you want to change or do differently? Coaching is a process in self-discovery;  what’s working and what’s not. Letting go of the old stories you may be telling yourself that are not forwarding you, creating and living a thriving new story or narrative for your life is what this platform is all about.

Story coaches and course facilitators are certified in professional coaching and grounded in a multitude of post certification trainings such as Emotional Intelligence®, Conversational Intelligence®, New Money Story®, New Life Story®, Narrative Coach®, Color Code® Personality Science, and many other coaching and transformational disciplines.

Watch our video below on “What is a Coach?” and discover how coaching can support you in thriving in all areas of your life.

What is a Coach? from Gloria Manchester on Vimeo.