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My Story from Medical Mom to Life Coach

I am a professional coach, wife, and mother. For the last 12 years, while my husband financially supported the family, I’ve been the main caregiver to my two sons who each have more than one serious long-term medical condition.

I have walked, and sometimes crawled, through devastating and heartbreaking circumstances that were all but overwhelming and defeating. My younger son needed so much care that I gave up my career, my marriage was severely damaged, and I completely lost any sense of who I was, what I needed, and what I wanted.

I knew my life was completely out of balance. I couldn’t figure out how I could tend to my own needs while caring for my children and filling their critical needs? I was on a hamster wheel, going ‘round and ‘round, doing too much and not seeing a way to do any of it differently. I had no energy or joy left for myself and I felt hopelessly stuck.

At this point, I knew it was critical that I make substantive changes in my life. I realized I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing without becoming sick myself and living a life of despair. I found myself crying in many desperate moments and thinking how do I do this without falling apart?

That’s when I was introduced to my professional life coach by a loving relative. In a supportive and unplanned environment, I was empowered, and gained the tools to significantly change my life. During the coaching process, I got the courage to honor my needs, draw upon my personal strengths, and apply strategic approaches to manage my extreme circumstances. From this coaching experience, I created the life I wanted and deserved. As I embraced it for myself, I redefined my passion and purpose and reinvented my life.

In 2013, with the support and mentoring from my coach, and the dynamic changes I was willing to make for myself and my family, I was compelled to become a Certified Life and Family Coach.

When I began my journey as a medical mom many years ago I wish I would have had the support and resources I now provide through Create a New Life Story™ and my Hope and Wisdom Coaching practice. I have deep empathy for other women and their families who are exhausted and overwhelmed as a result of caring for a sick child, family member, a client or patient.

My “Why”, my passion and mission as a life coach is to equip caregivers with the encouragement they need and the self-care strategies necessary to reclaim their joy and life balance, while still continuing to do all that they do.

Annette Moreau

Owner—Hope and Wisdom Coaching, LLC

Certified Professional Life Coach—Coach Training Alliance

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach – Strategic Intervention

Certified Personality Science Skills Trainer – The People Code™

Graduate—Partner in Excellence Leadership Course for Women

Graduate—New Prosperity Story™