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From corporate trainer and executive leadership coach to my private coaching practice

I was passionate about my work in human resources and executive leadership coaching. I worked in partnership with many incredible leaders during my long tenure. I had proven skills in resolving complex employee, leader, and team interpersonal communication problems. This was my life, going to work every day, and accomplishing all those duties.

I began to realize over the past few years that I was no longer being fulfilled with my internal corporate work as a coach. I wanted to expand my coaching on a more personal level and manage my life so I could spend more time with my family, and be available for my precious granddaughter.

A significant turning point along my journey was becoming aware that I had lost my authentic and true self.  In doing so, I could not speak my truth, or frankly, get to the point.  My communication was ‘cloudy’ and ‘clogged’ – I lacked self-trust and trust with others.  In my transition from a corporate role to my own practice, I embraced my personal power, educated myself, overcame my communication struggles and learned how to trust and be in community to create ‘power with’ and not ‘power over’ others.

Branching out on my own has given me the creativity and space to take charge of my schedule and attract the clients who can most benefit from my coaching.

I know that all my training and expertise will play a huge role in my success as a coach entrepreneur. My mission in building my own practice is to expand my reach to the people who will be best served. I want to encourage and support my clients to recognize and step into their own value and greatness.  I want people to know their self-worth and expand into the fullness of their true calling.  I want to facilitate the journey to their most authentic selves.

I developed a virtual workshop, with Gloria Manchester the founder of Create a Thriving Life Story™ Platform, called A Conversational Blueprint™ – discovering how words create worlds. We were in the same peer group during our certification training in Conversational Intelligence®. We embarked on this project together to validate how co-creative empowering conversations can change everything. I personally experienced the power of embodying this groundbreaking work and now I want to share it with the world.

My Credentials: A BS Degree in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco (USF). I was certified as a Franklin Covey Trainer in 2007 at the leadership level with programs in Leadership and The 7 Habits. I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) accredited Board Certified Coach (BCC). In 2017 I was officially certified in Conversational Intelligence®. I have served on the Board of ICF Sacramento Chapter and am currently a vendor coach for UCD (Davis) Continuing and Professional Education in Management and Leadership.