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Ashes to Eden – My Story

In the summer of 2015, my home of 13 years was completely lost to fire. From that tragedy, I kept replaying in my mind the greatest nightmare I had as a child. And, there I was in the midst of my greatest fear. I lost everything I had materially! However, my children and I were safe.

At the time, the stress of having to rebuild my life seemed overwhelming. I discovered from this devastating experience, I could gain incredible strength. So, the fire then became a catalyst for meaningful growth and change. The intense heat from watching the fire destroy everything I had accumulated was the motivation I needed to begin exploring a new path for my life.

During this deep dive into myself, I began to identify with the necessity to implement self-care. With new insight I questioned, “Why I am here and why did this happen at this particular time in my life?” I wanted to find meaning in the tragedy. About this time, my health issues started to surface. I realized this was a result of my continually placing other’s needs before my own.

A short time prior to the fire I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I had chosen to put off the surgery for several months before I finally decided that living with limited mobility was no longer an option. About this time, I really began to explore dietary changes to reduce inflammation. As months went by, I implemented other forms of self-care including acupuncture.

Movement became a very important release for me. It provided me with a deep sense of satisfaction. I began setting movement goals for myself, and receiving great pleasure from crushing them. I even finished my first triathlon!

The incredible challenge of suffering a loss of all my material possessions has become one of my greatest gifts. From this experience, I’ve discovered my passion for helping others on their path to health and wellness. I studied the benefits of holistic health and became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

My mission as a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach is to provide support, encouragement, accountability, and a strategy for those seeking to turn their greatest challenges into their greatest gifts, while stepping into and owning their personal power.