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My Journey to Building a Thriving Coaching Practice

I know how challenging it can be to compete in a career and consistently acquire new clients to grow a business.  I’ve been in the workforce while raising two children as a single mom, and an entrepreneur for many years, experienced in selling my own products and services, a professional coach, sales and personality science trainer, and a published author.

This is why I’m so passionate about developing a thriving culture of mothers, wives, and leaders that are inspired and motivated to build a prosperous lifestyle. This is how we’ll influence our children and people in our lives to create a thriving life story for themselves, and have a bigger impact on the world. This IS my WHY!

Many years ago, I co-founded a 501c3 nonprofit organization called CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved through Education. We provide a live 3-day STARR Life and Leadership Course with online coaching for at-risk teen girls who have been bullied or sexually exploited.

Subsequent to forming a nonprofit I started Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), a transformational seminar business, to provide leadership courses for women. Many of the graduates volunteer to mentor and coach the STARR teens. I’m always looking for the WIN-WIN in everything.

In 2015, I co-authored and published an Amazon bestselling self-development book for women, RE-The wisdom in rethinking your life!  The book is filled with stories of women who overcame their childhood challenges to become successful. 

Before the financial crash of 2008, I had started three successful financial businesses, sold two, and in the middle of the crash my thriving business abruptly stopped.  In that moment in my life, I’d had enough; I made a pivotal decision to acquire my coaching certification through Coach Training Alliance (CTA). I always wanted to add coaching to my repertoire of personal and professional development skills, as this is truly my heart’s work.

In the past few years, I focused on developing and trademarking an assessment called Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® and  acquiring several specialty certifications in New Money Story®, Conversational Intelligence®, Color Code® and recently Narrative Coach Enhanced Training. I’m now immersed in learning all about Building a Story Brand©, and narrative marketing and coaching, to help coaches and entrepreneurs successfully share their business stories.  

At age 72, I decided I needed to develop myself to market my program and services online. With six months of training, I graduated from The ASK Method® and produced a mailing list of almost 8,000 subscribers in a relatively short amount of time. I also joined WBECS as an affiliate partner. It is never too late to learn something new and live your dreams!

It was very exciting for me to launch this e-commerce platform called Create a Thriving Life Story™ with courses, workshops, trainings, masterminds, and products for women in all phases of life. Part of the offers on the site are Prosperity Coach Development Programs to provide affiliate opportunities, masterminds, online courses, and other services to facilitate professional coaches in growing themselves and their practice, and serving our Platform community. 

CTACC, Certified Coach Certificate (PDF)    |    People Code Trainer (PDF)
Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Diet Boot Camp Coach (PDF)    |    Certified New Life Story® Wellness Coach (PDF)
ICF Credential Certificate   |  Prosperity IQ Trademark

My Legacy

I’d like to share a little about my family. Each of my adult children have entrepreneurial spirits. I am blessed with an incredible family. My son lives in the mountains of Colorado with his two sons, doing well in his new career as a Field Consultant for a nationwide company. My daughter is a successful executive coach and consultant, now in her own practice. I have three grandsons who are each excelling in school and sports, and one granddaughter who is an amazing gymnast.  I am best friends with my former husband and his wife, who founded the nonprofit C A R T E with me, along with a group of socially-conscious professional women committed to making a difference for sexually abused teen girls.   

Healthy cooking is my meditation and therapy; it relaxes and calms me.  I really enjoy it, often with my granddaughter, family, and friends. In my kitchen, there’s a plaque on the wall that my son gave me one Christmas that says, Glo’s Gourmet-Serving up Memories Since 1966 (the year he was born). Cooking and coaching, often fill my home. I have thought of creating a cooking show called “Cooking for the Soul”. Great idea …I just don’t know where I’d fit it into my life.

In everything I take on, in every endeavor, in every role, as mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, entrepreneur, chef, and coach, I am prosperity-minded.  My vision, my legacy is to influence others to create a new flourishing life story that supports their highest dreams and aspirations.