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My Journey from Inspiration to “Mirroring Metaphors” in Coaching

In this “Mirroring Metaphors” virtual workshop, I offer an introduction and application to the use of imagery, symbols, and metaphors to illustrate the deeper meaning of developing a new life story. So often, we see that our clients may believe they’re creating a new vision for their lives, and often later they wonder why they’re still struggling. They may be stuck in the same picture and only adding frame after frame when what they really need is a whole new set of pictures that clearly illustrate a brand new flourishing storyline.

If you are a professional coach, ready to discover a deeper meaningful purpose in your practice to initiate powerful change in your clients, this Webinar is for you.

My inspiration for “Mirroring Metaphors” comes from my experiences living and working with Native American tribes. I became fascinated with weaving and the process of symbolism the Southwest tribes incorporated into their cultural art. Their visions for the design came from within as spontaneous expressions of their reality.

During my early twenties, I survived a near-death experience that blinded me for several days. As the light slowly returned, I saw new colors, shapes, and forms. With the return of my vision, I saw my life through a new lens, a new perspective. This created a dramatic shift in my awareness and my view of reality. I changed my beliefs, habits, and values around emotional and physical health which led me to alternative healing techniques, and the pursuit of wellness.

I learned to create a sacred space to remain vulnerable, which became necessary for me to grow past the pain and fear of change so I could flourish. As circumstances came my way, I made a decision to pursue advanced degrees in areas that I believed would support my sons, while making a meaningful difference in the world. I set new academic and career goals, as I reinvented myself a number of times along my professional path and into a fulfilling marriage.

In this Webinar, I offer my wealth of experience and training as you weave your own unique tapestry. I will guide you in discovering the powerful tools of imagery, symbols, and metaphors to re-story your own life and apply its wisdom in your coaching practice.

Accreditations and Credentials:

• Doctoral Degree in Human Development
• Master Degrees in Organizational Systems and Counseling Psychology
• Certified Life Coach, ICF-PCC
• Yoga Therapist, ASY
• Involved in Research in the Area of Human Dynamics and Field Theories