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Lisa Etzel, MA, LCPC, BCC, Prosperity-Builder Coach™ 

From Surviving to Thriving after Workplace Harassment

In the Fall of 2017, allegations of harassment surrounding powerful men became public in the media. The results initiated a great power shift. I wanted to be a part of that shift. I was in awe by the courage of each woman who came forward to speak her truth.

Some years ago, I worked in a corporate environment where the culture was riddled with harassment. I know all too well what it’s like to be the target of someone’s need to exert their power. When I spoke up there was retaliation, which affected my self-worth, my career journey, and my financial health.

After my experience and losing my job over it, I knew I needed to rise above my circumstances to become a leader in this cause. Leadership training started with me, making it my own inner process. Standing up for myself and taking on self-leadership is where the healing began! I became passionate about influencing change, empowering other women who had been harassed in the workplace. In December of 2017, I was certified as a Harassment Coach. I strongly believed it was time for women to reclaim their personal power. Only out of our collective commitment to powering up together can we really make a difference.

I became a Prosperity-Builder Coach™ on this Platform so I could positively affect the lives of more women who have been bullied or harassed. The whole vision of create a thriving life story intrigued me. Why not us?

I am the creator and facilitator of #Power-Up Together Life and Leadership Masterclass on this platform. If this speaks to you, consider it your open invitation to be a participant… and then to begin to advocate for other women who may be suffering silently. Out of our experience, we share one voice to promote respect and equality for women in the workplace.

I share this quote which seems so appropriate for a time like this, where we are being called to heal and take leadership.

Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who will come after her. – Christiane Northrup, Visionary pioneer and leading authority in the field of women’s health & wellness

Let’s power up together!

#Power-Up Together™