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About Lisa

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Lisa Etzel, MA, LCPC, BCC

From Psychotherapist to Professional Coach

Like many of you, I have a story of harassment during my tenure in the corporate world. I know that as a young woman I didn’t always recognize my value and contribution to the big picture.

The good news is we are in the midst of a cultural change; the wind is at our backs. Leaders in all areas of life and business are being called on to reinvent themselves.

I recently learned a phrase from a workshop around Conversational Intelligence® that was produced on this Platform; Power With Vs Power Over. When I look back to my work in corporate many years ago, I realize the true meaning in this phrase. To be an effective and compassionate leader, we need to power with.

As women in the corporate world, we can power with men to co-create an environment for personal/professional growth and equality? Women are the tipping point of peace, prosperity, and power in the world. We need empowered women in leadership in every arena.

As a therapist, I wanted to do more forwarding work with my clients and that’s why I became a life and leadership coach, adding another transformational dynamic to my practice.  Under the umbrella of #Power-Up Together™, we can design and develop an impactful movement for women.  My mission, “my why” is to forward women in overcoming harassment in the workplace by standing up for themselves, declaring their power, and growing in leadership.

As a Board-Certified Coach, I am a pioneer in coaching women who have been exposed to harassment, standing by them in their truth, hearing their stories, and establishing their value in the workplace. I believe it’s the right time to take positive action! If we want to be defined as victors, WE must change the conversation. We cannot leave it up to others to do that for us.

What is my workshop about on this Platform and who is it for? #Power-Up Together™ is designed to empower women who have experienced any form of harassment in the workplace. I have the credentials and the personal experience to provide you an opportunity to discover what’s possible for you in developing your mindset and talents as a victor and a leader.

Let’s power up together!

#Power-Up Together™