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From Struggling Coach to Prosperity-Builder

I came to the profession of coaching with a background in mental health and entrepreneurship, hoping it would be the perfect combination to develop a successful coaching practice. I soon realized the challenges and struggles in building a thriving practice. My coach training spent two hours on the last day of a yearlong program helping us define a niche and business plan. We never really discovered there was more to coaching than just one-on-one engagement. I had a lot of learning to do on my own, and soul-searching. I wanted to help everyone and learn every coaching modality. This left me floundering and frustrated, and it surely wasn’t helping me make money.

When my second child was born, it became even more critical that my approach to coaching as a business needed to change. Now I was taking care of two children while building and managing my practice, and finding time to coach my clients! I wanted to live my life in full bloom, which led to the creation of my Life in Full Bloom Method™. Once I defined my true purpose for becoming a coach, it was time to completely change my approach to the business.

I really started shifting my mindset around my business after I took A New Prosperity Story™ online course. I felt energized and empowered to define what abundance truly meant to me. My participation laid the foundational steps for my personal and professional growth. Knowing the power of a group, I then joined the first Prosperity Coach Mastermind™ community being offered on this platform.

My path to prosperity began when I discovered online course creation, where I could capitalize on my knowledge, experience, and coaching skills into building an online environment. This became my tool to leverage my time, create passive income, and change more lives than I ever thought possible. This was the catalyst for the next step on my own path to prosperity and to becoming a prosperity-builder, by helping other coaches discover how to leverage their talents to create passive income.

I formed The Course Launchpad™ to provide design, coaching, and consulting for professional coaches to create and launch their niche online offerings, such as courses and virtual workshops. I am passionate about supporting other coaches to leverage their time, share their knowledge, and create a greater impact in the world, while building a flourishing practice.

Malia Monaco, MA, ACC
ICF Certified Coach
Online Offering Strategist