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About Our Company

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Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP)

LEAP was originally founded over 25 years ago to provide live personal and professional development leadership seminars for individuals and business.

Create a Thriving Life Story™ is a product of LEAP and offers a Platform for workshops, trainings, masterminds, webinars, online courses, assessments, and other innovative growth products for small business, entrepreneurs, women, families, and coaches.

Armed with a set of success principles presented on this Platform, we believe everyone can thrive in all areas of their lives.  That’s why we started this amazing movement called Prosperity Evolution Initiative™. You can subscribe on the home page to receive messages on how to develop and sustain abundance in your life and become a prosperity-builder.

Our business coaching and executive coaching offerings are leading-edge, incorporating personality science assessments, narrative marketing, ground-breaking communication skills training from Conversational Intelligence® and prosperity-building.

LEAP also produces Partner in Excellence (PIE) Courses each year for women who want to excel both personally and professionally in their lives. PIE Courses have been offered in Boise, ID, Pittsburgh, PA, Orange and Ventura Counties, CA and Sacramento, CA. This accelerated, experiential personal growth course has several hundred graduates, some of whom volunteer to mentor young women.

LEAP is the major corporate sponsor of CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved through Education, a 501C3 nonprofit organization and the STARR Life and Leadership Course for at-risk teen girls who have been bullied or victims of sexual exploitation.

We welcome and invite you to go through this Platform to register for webinars on leadership, team-building, self-care, weight and health management, conflict resolution, mindfulness, course-building, communication, forgiveness,  growing a business or so many other courses being developed each month.

Gloria Manchester, President of LEAP and Founding Coach