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This picture is worth a thousand words! What women are saying about COVID-19.


We recently sent out a COVID-19 QUIZ to find out what our subscribers were experiencing during this crisis.  The image is a Word Cloud of the responses from the {QUIZ}.  Flipping the Script! I'm so thankful to the responders who shared their fears and hearts during this crisis. Because they've been so brave, we [...]

This picture is worth a thousand words! What women are saying about COVID-19.2020-04-21T16:12:38+00:00

CoronaVirus & Self-Care: Are you putting the oxygen mask on yourself?


4 Simple Ways to Breathe Easier, Stay Calm & Create Something New... We are all in this together. And, as we know the Coronavirus may not show signs of infection for several days after exposure. Knowing that was one of the most unsettling parts of it for me. I deconstructed so much of the bad [...]

CoronaVirus & Self-Care: Are you putting the oxygen mask on yourself?2020-03-20T21:07:53+00:00

Is my mind full or am I mindful?


Is my mind full...or am I mindful? If you're asking yourself this question...pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and take time to ponder what you're asking yourself. What's going on internally with you in this moment that you may need to give focused attention to?  After reading this article, you'll want to check in [...]

Is my mind full or am I mindful?2020-05-08T20:16:20+00:00

Despite What’s Happening – Develop an Attitude of Gratitude! How…read on??


I have republished this article a couple of times at Thanksgiving but none more needed than now...Thanksgiving 2022. Here's the opportunity. 2023 can be a complete 'do-over'.  Rethinking My Attitude of Gratitude Gratefulness: In Time for the Thanksgiving Holiday … I recently recorded a short podcast-like audio on Developing an Attitude of Gratitude as part [...]

Despite What’s Happening – Develop an Attitude of Gratitude! How…read on??2022-11-22T22:19:05+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – February 2019


Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ We all learn our language and culture through storytelling. Throughout our lives, stories have not only captivated us but have also inspired us to take action. People aren’t influenced by what we tell or sell, they’re influenced by how passionate we show up in our stories. My coaching platform, CreateAThrivingLifeStory.com was designed to inspire [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – February 20192019-03-19T16:16:23+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ January 2019


Press Release: CUTV News Radio  - Interview set for Thursday January 24th at 1 pm EST  CUTV News Radio spotlights Gloria D. Manchester and Create A Thriving Life Story™ Sacramento, CA – Gloria D. Manchester is a life and prosperity coach with over 25 years of experience in the field of personal and professional development and transformational [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ January 20192019-01-24T22:22:42+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – December 2018


A Strategy for Prosperity in 2019 If someone said to you, in this moment, "The universe is on your side. You can achieve prosperity in 2019. All you have to do is; begin developing an abundant state of mind, releasing your old story of scarcity and not-enoughness, engaging with others at a much higher level [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – December 20182019-01-21T00:48:07+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – November 2018


Leaving a Legacy of Prosperity  One of the most prosperous leaders I have had the honor of knowing in my life, Judith E. Glaser, lost her struggle with cancer Sunday, November 17, 2018. She came into this world and did exactly what God designed her to do. How many of us are living that [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ – November 20182019-01-05T17:04:02+00:00

The Heart in Forgiveness


“Forgiveness is not a single act of courage, but an ongoing act of grace. “        Rosalie Gibbons, MFT This quote describes how we must be open to forgiveness … moment by moment. Life is all about relationships. Few of us get through life untouched by some degree of conflict, disappointment, hurt, [...]

The Heart in Forgiveness2018-11-29T00:08:39+00:00
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