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Will ‘WE’ Ever Be FREE to Soar Again?


I have a unique perspective compelling me to write this article. At age 75, I experienced severe shortness of breath issues from the COVID virus, with no pre-existing underlying medical lung issues. As of today, all my vitals are normal and I’m no longer contagious.  WOOHOO! Because I contracted the virus while visiting my son [...]

Will ‘WE’ Ever Be FREE to Soar Again?2023-07-27T01:21:39+00:00

Self-Sabotage ~ The Solution You Weren’t Expecting (Created by the iNLP Center)


Self-sabotage should be the last thing anyone does, but it’s the most likely! You’re invited to watch the AHA Process to End Self Sabotage and learn how to stop self-sabotaging behavior. This is the worst part of self-sabotaging behavior: It’s so easy to justify. …one argument, one trip to the fridge, one beer—and in the moment, they [...]

Self-Sabotage ~ The Solution You Weren’t Expecting (Created by the iNLP Center)2020-08-03T18:14:23+00:00

For Women Entrepreneurs: “LEAP to Prosperity FREE Virtual Summit for Women™” Coming SOON-Register Today!


I saw this statistic before the Coronavirus hit; only 40% of Americans have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency. 60% don't... so you're not alone! Emergency is happening right now & we weren't ready for it! Discouraged? No need to be. I’ve been studying this for a long time for myself. There is hope and [...]

For Women Entrepreneurs: “LEAP to Prosperity FREE Virtual Summit for Women™” Coming SOON-Register Today!2020-08-20T14:53:02+00:00

Welcome Newest Affiliate-Partner Coaches!


Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ We are excited to welcome our newest Affiliate-Partner Coaches. Andréa Matteson, MS CHC CLC  As an Empowerment Coach she provides the system, support and accountability for young women to de-throne their inner critic, let go of the old stories that are holding them back, and find new meaning from their experiences, empower [...]

Welcome Newest Affiliate-Partner Coaches!2019-03-09T17:25:44+00:00

Coach’s Strategy for a Shifting Mindset – Blue Ocean


The Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim is one of the most powerful and inspiring business books I’ve ever read.  It flips traditional business strategy on its head and expands into possibilities. The Blue Ocean Strategy supported my mindset shift into prosperity. In 2019, one of my personal initiatives is to guide at least [...]

Coach’s Strategy for a Shifting Mindset – Blue Ocean2019-01-18T18:20:12+00:00

Thriving as a ‘CoachPreneur’ – 3 Steps to Unleash your Practice


As a ‘CoachPreneur’ (an entrepreneurial coach who wears all the hats), you provide such a valuable service to your clients. You encourage and support their growth and transformation. And, at times it’s overwhelming. I know first-hand, coaches need support too! That’s why I’m so passionate about helping coaches reach their pinnacle of success. Coaching is [...]

Thriving as a ‘CoachPreneur’ – 3 Steps to Unleash your Practice2019-01-20T02:32:06+00:00



GLORIA D. MANCHESTER RECOGNIZED AS A VIP FOR 2018 BY P.O.W.E.R. (THE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE RECOGNIZED) MANHASSET, NEW YORK, DECEMBER 17, 2018 Gloria D. Manchester of Sacramento, California has been recognized as a VIP member for 2018 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding contributions and achievements [...]

GLORIA D. MANCHESTER RECOGNIZED AS A VIP FOR 20182019-01-10T17:16:26+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ October 2018


The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage by Gloria Manchester Do you know how and when you sabotage yourself? How about your clients? We all do it at various times! I’ve written extensively about self-sabotage, and how it unconsciously keeps us from experiencing our maximum potential. We don’t know what we don’t know! In my coaching model, I [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ October 20182018-11-28T23:42:15+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ September 2018


Partnering with Influencers “Learn exactly how to grow your coaching business by forging close partnerships with influencers and industry leaders.” - Mark Thompson from the book, Taking the LEAP- How to Build a World-Class Coaching Business This is great advice for any business or career! Nobody does it alone. We are truly better together! [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ September 20182018-11-28T23:43:52+00:00

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ July 2018


Join our free Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ and find out how to create abundance in your life! Edition 1 – July 2018 Welcome to the Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ The Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ is about envisioning yourself as enough, well and whole, flourishing in all areas of your life. This ground-breaking Initiative was created for us [...]

Prosperity Evolution Initiative™ July 20182018-11-28T23:50:16+00:00


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