At the recommendation of Marsha Murman, a woman whom I trusted and admired, I participated in a women’s leadership course in Pittsburgh in 2011 called PIE. I remember sharing with Marsha that I had no free time and honestly pretty content with where things stood in my life. At the time I was not married, I didn’t even have a relationship, which was just fine with me. My professional life was and still is extremely exciting and successful so I wasn’t seriously looking for anything more. Yet I was intrigued enough by the opportunity to break through another layer of personal and professional achievement. Since PIE, I gave myself the gift of dreaming beyond anything I had imagined.

I have definitely changed my personal priorities. I am now married to the most incredible man and partner in life who has grown children (and two grandchildren) whom I simply adore. My youngest step-daughter completed the STARR for Teens and I was able to share that experience with her as a volunteer staff.  I had the absolute joy of watching her bloom over that weekend … and her light continues to shine!  I am deeply grateful for the personal development work the facilitators have brought to Pittsburgh for women and teen girls.  I can honestly say it was a catalyst that dramatically changed my life for the best in less than a year! Today, I can’t fathom my life without that experience.