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Financial Health for Women

“Prosperity isn’t as much about getting rich, as it is about the mindset that gets you there.”

– Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC,
Founder of Create A Thriving Life Story™
Prosperity-Builder Coach™

Are you ready to shift your mindset & recharge your financial story?

Take our Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment today.

Your process begins here. As you navigate through this Assessment, you’ll discover your blind
spots, areas that may be preventing you from having a prosperous
business, career & life. Begin imagining, what would your future
look like if you were thriving in your life…operating from an abundance mindset?

Discover Your Financial Health Score Today!

Complimentary eBook for women to begin living prosperously today

This eBook was developed for you to begin a journey towards personal and professional growth.  You can take your life to the next level, no matter what story you may consciously or unconsciously be telling yourself today.

Living prosperously isn’t a destination or something to acquire. It’s about developing a thriving mindset that supports your BIG dreams, while taking the actions necessary to fulfill them. We want to help you get there!

Everything begins with a shift in mindset!

Yes, I Want to Discover My Roadmap to Prosperity™

Do you need to power-up your communication skills?

Take the Communication Influencer Quiz

This quiz was developed to help you score your level of communication and influence with others. Everything happens through conversations— your words and the energy you put behind your words matter! You can’t achieve success in life without communicating in a way that influences others.

Take the Communication Influencer Quiz

Download for Women
Playing to Win VS Playing Not to Lose™

There is a huge difference. Most people are playing not to lose in life. Suffering IS optional! Access a chart to support you in going from

playing not to lose to PLAYING TO WIN in your daily life!

Start Playing to Win Today!

The Magic in Metaphors to Manifest Prosperity
7 Days of Mining for Metaphors

What if you spent the next 7 days focusing on what’s possible when you put the power of your creative mind to work for you?

“One Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I really needed to begin meditating more frequently. As I was going through a mindful exercise, I recalled the download I had from 7 Days of Mining for Metaphors. I said to myself, I’ll make today Day 1, and begin to use my creative mind to manifest ideas & solutions for a specific issue I was struggling with. From the moment I pondered the question, “What is that one thing, that’s not working in your life, you dare to change today? What picture in your mind reflects that one thing?” I started to journal. I drew a picture of how I was feeling in that moment (a circle maze was my metaphor) and soon realized I had been going round & round doing the same thing, the same way, expecting a different result. WOW. I made a list of 5 ways I could handle the situation differently. Thank you, Janet, for bringing this creative concept to our Platform.”  – Gloria Manchester, Founder of Create A Thriving Life Story™

Discover The Magic in Metaphors