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Business, Career & Financial Health for Women

Your Money Story was ingrained in you as a little girl. Ask yourself. What were the messages you got about money and success? Are you ready for something new?

-Gloria Manchester, Prosperity-Builder Coach™

New Money Story®
Creating Your New Prosperity!

An Accelerated Online Communication and Relationship-Building Sales Training Course for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Direct Sales

Change Your Money Story – Change Your Life! You have a vision, you’re working harder than ever… and you’re still not achieving your financial goals!  The truth is, if you don’t first shift your mindset around money and success, nothing else you do will make a difference.  When you change your relationship with money… everything changes.

5-Module Neuroscience-Based Online Course Inspired by the Work of David Krueger, MD, Mentor Coach

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A Conversational Transformation for Women

The key to success in life and business is to become a master in Conversational Intelligence®

This Masterclass was developed to give you a powerful framework for generating the kinds of conversations that prime and activate the brain for higher-level intelligence, such as trust, integrity, empathy, and good judgment.

Everything happens through conversations!

4-Session Live Virtual Masterclass – Get on the Waiting List for the Next Live Masterclass.

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For Professional Coaches: Mining Metaphors in Coaching™ In the Blink of an EYE!

This deeper dive into using metaphors with your clients in coaching was designed to accelerate the process of manifesting their goals and aspirations through imagery.

During this Workshop you’ll discover and practice the tools to bridging your client’s aspirational goals into action using imagery. Metaphors are a powerful tool to help coaches clarify meaning in the midst of deep emotions when words may not be enough.

Live 3 Session Zoom Workshop

Facilitated by Janet Ver Fine, PhD

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