Business, Career & Financial Health for Women

A Communication Blueprint For Women Who Want a Powerful Voice in the World

For Professional Coaches: Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™

A Communication Blueprint For Women Who Want a Powerful Voice in the World

Creating Empowering Conversations for Mutual Success

No matter how successful you may be today in your career, business, or family, do you sometimes feel you’re not being heard? If your answer is YES… then this is for you! You’ll learn to make your words and the energy behind your words impact your life and the lives of others in a more powerful way! You can shift the neurochemistry in a conversation…even in the moment.

What You’ll Discover: This 35-Minute Workshop is designed for you to learn to effectively transform all your communications in career, business, and life. You’ll discover how to open up conversations that build trust, release fear of conflict, and experience the freedom to use your words in an empowering way.

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Discover Your Conversational Blueprint

For Coaches: Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™

This workshop was developed as a tool for coaches to expand their practice using this new creative technique applying the underlying imagery in your client’s mind to deepen the coaching engagement. 

You can learn to easily introduce metaphors into your coaching practice to heighten intuition and promote mindfulness.

What if you started by spending the next 7 days focusing on what’s possible when you put the power of your own creative mind to work for you?

“One Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I really needed to begin meditating more frequently. As I was going through a mindful exercise, I recalled the download I had from 7 Days of Mining for Metaphors. I said to myself, I’ll make today Day 1, and begin to use my creative mind to manifest ideas & solutions for a specific issue I was struggling with. From the moment I pondered the question, “What is that one thing, that’s not working in your life, you dare to change today? What picture in your mind reflects that one thing?” I started to journal. I drew a picture of how I was feeling in that moment (a circle maze was my metaphor) and soon realized I had been going round & round doing the same thing, the same way, expecting a different result. WOW. I made a list of 5 ways I could handle the situation differently. Thank you, Janet, for bringing this creative concept to our Platform.”  – Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC & Founder of Create A Thriving Life Story™

On-Demand Virtual Workshop + Participant Guide + Bonuses

Discover Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching