Women: Are you on Diet Overload?


During the pandemic I gained 15 lbs. I was on Diet Overload, asking myself, "what do I eat, what foods are good for my body?"  So,  instead of trying to take a course in how my body functions, I asked my neighbor, Lynn, who is a Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Expert, to be my [...]

Women: Are you on Diet Overload?2023-07-27T01:40:43+00:00

2021 New Year Fresh Start


2021, New Year Fresh Start! The Pandemic has been debilitating. It has definitely set us back!  Do you ever think this thought, please let 2020 be over with? Out of this COVID-19 experience, my WHY, my Great Purpose Statement (GPS) became: To create a platform for women to come to a community & access high-value [...]

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