On August 24th 2018 I was looking for the Dream Letter I wrote in August 2014 when I was a volunteer staff for a Partner in Excellence Life and Leadership Course for Women. In preparation for the course, staff participates in activities to prime their engagement with the students. The letter was packed away and I hadn’t really read it again after writing it for the exercise. I was astonished when I discovered that I achieved 80% of what I wrote around my goals and aspirations. For example, we had our commercial building up for sale for quite a while, and it wasn’t selling. I wrote in my letter that a married couple would buy it and hire me for three weeks to train them. That’s exactly what happened in 2016.

For those of you considering any of the courses or workshops on this platform, where you’ll be writing your Prosperity Dream Letter, be prepared to get what you say you really want! It’s a neuroscience process that works even if you don’t keep it in plain sight. Imagine what I could have accomplished if I’d been reading it every day for a year? Wow! My personal declaration, which was also written in the letter was, “I am a resilient, confident, and joy-filled woman.” I am living it!

– To your prosperity and success, Kristi