I began my prosperity journey when I took A New Prosperity Story™ online course.  I was so energized. It defined what abundance truly meant to me. My participation laid the foundational steps for my personal and professional growth.  I then joined the first Prosperity Coach Mastermind™ community being offered on this platform.

When I started Mastermind, I thought I had a solid plan to achieve my goals, but it became apparent that I needed to make some major mindset shifts.  Even after years of studying psychology and coaching techniques, I was blind to the limitations that held me back from realizing my full potential.  After writing my own prosperity story during the Mastermind, I had a breakthrough. I recognized my saboteurs and acknowledged the unresolved aspects of my past that had been limiting me for so long.

Through the support and encouragement of Gloria, as facilitator of the Coach Mastermind, and my peer partner, I allowed myself to bloom and radiate my personal power. New coaching clients have been coming to me to help them design and market their courseware. I’m valuing myself, charging what I’m worth, and my stressors around money have been alleviated.  It’s amazing what a simple shift in mindset can create.