My coaching experience with Gloria was transformational for me in every facet of my life!

A little background: I am a driven high-achiever.  I lived most of my first 46 years as an emotionally withdrawn, selfish, and controlling man. Don’t get me wrong, I was a “nice guy” who took great fiscal care of my family, but was emotionally absent from all my relationships. My wife and I have been married for 18 years and we have 2 medically challenged boys that require extraordinary care (both physically and emotionally). My focus was on the “business” of keeping our boys functioning and my career. There was little room for anything else. I rationalized in my mind that I was doing absolutely the best that I could under the circumstances I was given.

My wife struggled alone, emotionally abandoned for a large part of our marriage – especially in the last 11 years since our youngest was born with severe, lifelong medical challenges. She didn’t have the support of a husband she needed and my boys didn’t have the father they deserved. Everything blew up on March 24th, 2017 – when I hit the wall. I thought I was about to lose my marriage and family. I was finally completely broken to a place where God could step in. I have been a man of Faith since accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior in middle school, but had never invited Him into my heart for a daily, personal relationship until early March 2017. And, He answered my prayers on March 24th 2017 when He picked my crumpled, desperate, defeated self off of the floor of our den – and I walked with Him fully for the very first time. All I had to do was invite Him into the deepest places in my heart and life. The Lord sent me a lifeline.

My wife had participated in the Partner in Excellence Leadership Course for women and had been coached and mentored with her new business venture by Gloria over a couple of years. She had been suggesting that I work with her for months, which I resisted completely– but on this day, March 25th, 2017, I called her and fortunately she answered.

Through my work with Gloria I learned a lot about myself; how I was wired and how to rewire some things to live more externally-focused (present). I learned to love my God, my wife, my boys, and others, openly and unconditionally.  She started by helping me examine and identify a long list of deeply held regrets to which I had been anchored to since my childhood. She then coached me to make the necessary shifts to work through my past in a deliberate manner, to make peace with it, ultimately releasing myself from the pain. She encouraged me to stay with a plan to use emotional relationship tools and frameworks with which I could renew my relationships: with my sons, my mother, my sisters, and my wife. I know I’m still a work in progress, and often take a step back for every two steps forward, but with God by my side (and in my heart) and the life coaching from Gloria – I am a new man, on the path to be the man that God designed and intended me to be. Thank you, Gloria!