This Bootcamp is for you if... 
  • You're between the age of 38-68
  • ​You want a coach & functional health expert to inspire, educate & strategize with you in reaching & sustaining your weight goal in a healthy way
  • You want to achieve optimal health for protection against disease & viruses
  • ​You’ve tried at least one diet & gained your weight back   
  • ​You want to easily get into your favorite pair of jeans 
  • ​You need a partner to keep you on the exercise track with accountability 
  • ​You’re struggling to manage your stress & create balance
  • ​You haven’t made time for self-care & you want to learn how to fit it into your busy life
Our Coaching Community is a safe, supportive & empowering environment for initiating bold change in your life!

Shedding Pandemic Pounds Bootcamp is about nurturing yourself, by adopting a thriving mindset, choosing
natural nutrition-rich foods, doing simple exercises, practicing stress-relieving self-care & rebuilding your vitality. 

What is the meaning of vitality? Having energy, exuberance, liveliness, strength, LIFE, get-up-and-go & sparkle. 

Meet your Expert
 Lynn Billett, Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Specialist

Lynn has overcome many personal health & life struggles, drawing on her inspiration & resilience, to bring herself back to her optimum body & health. Both personally & as a Nurse Practitioner, she lost faith in Traditional Medicine, turning instead to Functional Medicine.

Her many accomplishments include a Master of Science in Nursing at UCLA in Family Practice & Board Certified as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner. She also has extensive experience in bio-identical hormone replacement & pharmaceutical grade supplements & herbal therapy. 

Lynn, as the expert, along with Prosperity-Building Coach™ Gloria Manchester, have developed a multi-faceted weight Bootcamp. Through your participation, you’ll learn about functional health, the role hormones play on your weight & how your body functions.  You’ll be participating in partnership with other health-conscious women to shed their Pandemic Pounds.   

Testimonies from Lynn's Grateful Clients

I’m diabetic, but after listening to Lynn’s advice, I am now up to walking at least 10k steps 6 days a week & I’m down 9 pounds. ~Yolanda

Lynn motivated & directed me to healthy eating & health maintenance. My most impressive observation is the ease & non-judgmental approach with which Lynn gets one to take the 1st step & gets results. ~Patient U

No doctor could find what was wrong with me until I met Lynn. Lynn knew how to heal my body. Without her, I would still be suffering. There are no words to describe my gratitude. ~Chantelle

I was always tired & having difficulty getting pregnant. Lynn put me on a special diet & I now have enough energy to care for my 5-year-old. She truly is my guardian angel! ~Jennifer

3 Reasons Diets Don't Work Because, they...

Begin Your Journey Here to a Healthier Body & Self-Image   

Our mission in developing this Bootcamp was to provide a growing community for you & other health-conscious women to acquire the knowledge, support & accountability in becoming the healthiest & most empowered version of yourself.   

Non-Member Plan

  • A detailed Participant Guide & Workbook to support you through your weight loss journey with recipes, tips & resources 
  • ​Four 90-minute live group coaching sessions over 8 weeks on Zoom with expert facilitation to learn & partner with other health-conscious women  
  • ​Hormone balance education & application on how it effects your metabolism to sustain your weight loss 
  • ​Stress & anxiety-reducing mindfulness practices 
  • ​Simple exercises to build-up your energy & vitality
  • ​Accountability partnering to encourage you in achieving your weight & health goal  
  • ​45-minute one-on-one bonus session with expert
  • ​Optional Add-On: Personalized Functional Health Assessment 

Total Value $1,200

$297 one time payment for Bootcamp Only

Member Plan  

  • Everything in the Challenge listed in the Non-Member Plan + Membership access, including...
  • A ​private community of motivated women engaging in personal development ($6,984 value)
  • Content on a downloadable app for any device – it’s not a Facebook Group  
  • Access to 22 multi-topic workshops & interviews facilitated by professional coaches to begin your journey ($2,397 value)
  • ​Coaching tips & tools throughout the month to inspire change ($147 value) 
  • ​On-demand motivational workshop added monthly based on each month's theme to re-ignite your life ($1,164 value)
  • ​Monthly Book Clubs facilitated by a professional coach covering women’s issues, with books selected by vote from the membership ($197 value)

Total Value $12,089

$197 for Bootcamp + $27 a month for ongoing membership access

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your offer include a membership?  Shedding Pandemic Pounds Bootcamp is just one of the many practical programs being offered by LEAP to Prosperity Community for Women who want to thrive & prosper in all areas of their lives.  This is an opportunity for you to stay supported & connected to expand your personal growth & sustain your results.   
Why is this Bootcamp over 8 weeks?  Our health expert, Lynn Billett, recommended that to lose up to 19-lbs. would take a minimum of 8 weeks, depending on your body & level of participation.  Start date Saturday, February 6th, 2021. 
How will I be supported to achieve my goal?  We've developed a Workbook/Guide for you to gauge your daily activities & progress within the Bootcamp & to include daily tips, support & accountability.  We'll be communicating with you through live-sessions every other week, emails & text messages.  Our intention is to keep you on track to achieve your health & weight goal.

Content & conversations in the Membership is on one downloadable app for any device
 - it’s not a Facebook Group - 

You'll also have online access from any computer with an internet connection 
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