A place for women to shed the emotional & physical ‘weight’ of months spent managing their families & lives during the pandemic crisis.       
This Bootcamp is for you if... 
  • ​You're in perimenopause or menopause & having symptoms (hormone imbalance) 
  • ​You've had COVID or you're afraid of getting COVID
  • You need to build-up your immune system to achieve optimal health
  • ​You're having pain & discomfort & don't know why 
  • ​You're experiencing brain-fog or lack of focus
  • ​You want control of your weight in a "healthy way"
  • ​You’re struggling to manage your stress, self-care & life balance 
  • ​​You need a partner to keep you on track for accountability 
As an introduction to our LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community for Women, this Bootcamp includes one free month of membership.  Our Coaching Community is a safe, supportive & empowering environment for initiating bold change in your life!

Experiencing Optimum Health Bootcamp is about...
  • adopting a thriving mindset
  • ​learning how your body functions
  • using supplements your body needs to thrive
  • ​choosing natural nutrition-rich foods
  • ​doing simple exercises
  • ​practicing stress-relieving self-care 
  • ​rebuilding your vitality
What is the meaning of vitality? Having energy, exuberance, liveliness, strength, LIFE, get-up-and-go & sparkle.

Meet your Expert
 Lynn Billett, Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Specialist

Lynn has overcome many personal health & life struggles, drawing on her inspiration & resilience, to bring herself back to her optimum body & health. Both personally & as a Nurse Practitioner, she lost faith in Traditional Medicine, turning instead to Functional Medicine.

Her many accomplishments include a Master of Science in Nursing at UCLA in Family Practice & Board Certified as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner. She also has extensive experience in bio-identical hormone replacement & pharmaceutical grade supplements & herbal therapy. 

Lynn, as the expert, along with Prosperity-Building Coach™ Gloria Manchester, have developed a multi-faceted weight Bootcamp. Through your participation, you’ll learn about functional health, the role hormones play on your weight & how your body functions.  You’ll be participating in partnership with other health-conscious women to shed their Pandemic Pounds.   

Watch a Short Clip From Her Recent Webinar

Testimonies from Lynn's Grateful Clients

I’m diabetic, but after listening to Lynn’s advice, I am now up to walking at least 10k steps 6 days a week & I’m down 9 pounds. ~Yolanda

Lynn motivated & directed me to healthy eating & health maintenance. My most impressive observation is the ease & non-judgmental approach with which Lynn gets one to take the 1st step & gets results. ~Patient U

No doctor could find what was wrong with me until I met Lynn. Lynn knew how to heal my body. Without her, I would still be suffering. There are no words to describe my gratitude. ~Chantelle

I was always tired & having difficulty getting pregnant. Lynn put me on a special diet & I now have enough energy to care for my 5-year-old. She truly is my guardian angel! ~Jennifer

3 Reasons Diets Don't Work Because, they...

Begin Your Journey Here to a Healthier Body, Mind & Self-Image   

Our mission in developing this Bootcamp was to provide a growing community for you & other health-conscious women to acquire the knowledge, support & accountability in becoming the healthiest & most empowered version of yourself.   

Bootcamp Benefits 

  • A detailed Participant Guide & Workbook to support you through your weight loss journey with recipes, tips & resources 
  • ​Four 90-minute live group coaching sessions over 8 weeks on Zoom with expert facilitation to learn & partner with other health-conscious women ($1,988 value) 
  • ​Hormone balance education & application on how it effects your metabolism to sustain your weight loss ($250 value)
  • ​Stress & anxiety-reducing mindfulness practices 
  • ​Simple exercises to build-up your energy & vitality
  • ​Accountability partnering to encourage you in achieving your weight & health goal  
  • ​45-minute one-on-one bonus session with expert ($197 value)
  • ​Personalized Functional Health Assessment ($250 value)

Bonus Member Benefits  

  • Everything in the Bootcamp listed + Membership access, including...
  • A ​private community of motivated women engaging in personal development ($6,984 value)
  • Content on a downloadable app for any device – it’s not a Facebook Group  
  • Access to 22 multi-topic workshops & interviews facilitated by professional coaches to begin your journey ($2,397 value)
  • ​Access to Color Code® Personality Science Assessment & 1:1 with a Prosperity-Building Coach™ to co-create your growth journey ($197 value) 
  • ​Coaching tips & tools throughout the month to inspire change ($147 value) 
  • ​On-demand motivational workshop added quarterly to re-ignite your life ($1,164 value)
  • ​Live Mastermind with an intimate group of like-minded women each month to accomplish your goals and build a community of support ($497 value)
  • ​Monthly Book Clubs facilitated by a professional coach covering women’s issues ($197 value)

Total Value $14,268

Save your spot NOW for only $97 deposit &
get your 1st month FREE in the membership community

$100 balance due 3 days prior to 1st  session + $27 after your first month in the community
(Bootcamp + Community Plan)

Discover Why This Bootcamp Will Change Your Health Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your offer include a membership?  Shedding Pandemic Pounds Bootcamp is just one of the many practical programs being offered by LEAP to Prosperity Community for Women who want to thrive & prosper in all areas of their lives.  This is an opportunity for you to stay supported & connected to expand your personal growth & sustain your results.   
Why is this Bootcamp over 8 weeks?  Our health expert, Lynn Billett, recommended that to lose up to 19-lbs. would take a minimum of 8 weeks, depending on your body & level of participation.  
How will I be supported to achieve my goal?  We've developed a Workbook/Guide for you to gauge your daily activities & progress within the Bootcamp & to include daily tips, support & accountability.  We'll be communicating with you through live-sessions every other week, emails & text messages.  Our intention is to keep you on track to achieve your health & weight goal.

Content & conversations in the Membership is on one downloadable app for any device
 - it’s not a Facebook Group - 

You'll also have online access from any computer with an internet connection 
Need help? Contact Support: hello@createathrivinglifestory.com
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