At 17, while living in a group home the summer of 1992, I began my transformative journey. Our group home therapist suggested I participate in a county-sanctioned empowerment program for abused teen girls called STARR SuperCamp. It was provided by Gloria, Rose, and a team of volunteers specifically for girls in the social services system. STARR stands for Succeed Through Accountable Responsible Resolve.

Without STARR, Gloria, and Rose, there would be no me. At first I was scared and also excited but willing to take risks to heal and be free of the wounds from my past.  Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, I went through every step of this growth process…with an open heart.

In STARR, I first learned to trust the staff, participants, and then myself. I realized I wasn’t damaged when I was born. What happened to me as a child is not who I am and doesn’t define me today. STARR is where I first heard the language of the heart, messages of healing, hope, love, acceptance, affirmation, and trust. I could tell myself, “I am safe. I am enough. I am worthy.”

In time, I discovered I had the power to restore my life and be a light for others. I would become the woman God created me to be because He turned my scars into stars! I am blessed and thriving, no longer a victim.

At the beginning of STARR, my mind had been holding on to all the negative beliefs, lies, and traumatizing manipulations from so much abuse during my childhood. It’s this language of the heart, this language of love that ultimately healed me.

As a counselor, my mission is to break through the generational cycle of abuse for the women I serve, as I did with my two beautiful daughters and my family. I’m now sober, recovering from years of an eating disorder (anorexia) and other addictions I used to cope with my trauma.

As a counselor, I utilize everything I gained from my own healing, education, training, and my STARR experience. If I hadn’t taken that first leap of faith to face my fears and do it anyway, I wouldn’t be the woman, the mother, or the counselor I am today.

My affirmation today is, I am a self-forgiving, mindful, empowering woman!

I’m so grateful for the early transformational work I did with STARR. As an ambassador for women’s empowerment, I’m recommending the purchase of the legacy piece Gloria and Rose just published called The Wisdom in ME – A Journey to Transform a Woman’s Life! It’s STARR in a journal and contains many healing exercises I did through my own journey…and so much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the amazing work of these two dedicated women as coaches, so you can begin to take back your power and recharge your life and relationships.