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My New Story Summit

My New Story Summit was created to provide a leading-edge online event to inspire, encourage, and support women, in their second half of life, by presenting inspirational speakers, change leaders, neuroscience experts, and thought-provoking interviews and break-outs.

Every woman has a story and every woman deserves this time in her life to write a brave new chapter. This is the place to begin to transform your spirit, renew your passion, define your purpose, and embrace prosperity.

What you take-away from this Summit will be life-changing.

At My New Story Summit you will learn to …

  • Awaken your creative mind
  • Enhance your Conversational and Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Master strategies to make lasting changes
  • Rekindle your relationships
  • Transition into a new career
  • Get fit and healthy

Live your dreams and goals … And much more.

Get Access to 21+ Expert Speakers with interviews to inspire, encourage, and support women in their second half of life. Exclusive Bonuses and Breakout Sessions for Only $197. (Over $2000 value)

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SESSION 1: Self-awareness (It all starts with me)

Rhonda Britten
Fearless LivingLive without Excuses
and Love without Regret©

Dr. Taylor Hartman
The People Code®: A new way to see yourself,
your relationships, and your life!

Katrina Sawa
Jumpstart your BIZ – Living BIG!

SESSION 2: Self-actualization (Taking action)

Judith E. Glaser
Conversational Intelligence®
Expressing our inner thoughts and
feelings to strengthen relationships!

Tracy Preciado
Have fun … not fear!

Dr. David Krueger
The Neuroscience of Confidence:
Optimum Performance Under Pressure

SESSION 3: Health and Balance
(You can have it all, just not all at once)

Bobbi DiClaudio (Co-Host)
Mindset/Meals/Movement: Living a healthy delicious life!

Lois Payne
Live Life on Purpose

Beth Caldwell
Attracting Abundance

SESSION 4: Lifestyle Choices (The choice is yours)

Renee Dineen (Co-Host)
Corporate to Lifestyle Career:
Living a Life You Love!

Susan Schwartz
Successfully Navigating through the Conflict!

Deb Dedrick
Harmony in marriage needs
a unifying money story!

SESSION 5: Living your new story (The secret exposed)

Gloria Manchester (Organizer)
 Living my New Story Community

John Gray (Special Guest)
Beyond Mars-Venus: Relationship Skills
for Today’s Complex World!

Bonus Sessions and Break-Outs

Rosalie Gibbons
Mindfulness in Today’s World

Annette Moreau
Nourish & Flourish: Self-Care, the key to balance and joy!

Ipek Serifsoy, PhD
Tending to our Heart’s Wisdom

Marsha Murman
Fashionably Yours: Reinvent your wardrobe with accessories!

Jeri Quinn
Creating Connection: The “WE” starts with “ME

Dolores Davis (Co-Host)
Wise Women

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the My New Story Summit?

An online event featuring more than 21+  inspirational speakers, thought leaders, neuroscience experts, with break-outs, and Q&A interviews that inspire, encourage, and support women in their second half of life … to create a brave new chapter in their life story.

Topics include fearless living, confidence under pressure, strengthening relationships, attracting abundance, living the “sweet life”, living on purpose. It’s all about living a life you love.

Who should purchase the All Access Pass?

Women in their second half of life. This is the event to totally expand your mindset around living a new story. Being in a state of prosperity is living a flourishing, thriving, influential, healthy, and meaningful life.

Ultimately, any woman who is interested in transforming her life, and aspires to thrive in her second half; leap onto this opportunity

Do I have to travel to the My New Story Summit?

No — it’s all online! No travel required – training sessions at your own convenience. The My New Story Summit is designed to provide powerful content you can consume in a way that works for you.