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This is a selection of our financial health workshops from our 2020 LEAP Summit that can be accessed on-demand through our membership community.

Is Your Brain on Autopilot?

Is Your Brain on Autopilot?

Becoming your own Brain Boss is your best path to RESULTS. In this workshop, you’ll discover the 2 most important skills in adapting to today’s rapidly changing environment.

According to research conducted by MIT, the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds (0.013 seconds)…in the blink of an eye.

In her ground-breaking workshop, Patrice will clarify how your brain is the missing piece between achieving what you’re worth or sabotaging yourself.

The Brain Boss Blueprint for Women™ combines neuroscience & the body-mind connection. It’s the difference between your brain staying on autopilot or you taking charge of what you think, see, say & feel. Awareness of what’s going on in your brain is the key to mastering your emotions & overriding your brain’s default state of fear & negativity.

Managing your brain & the thoughts & feelings within is the most critical thing you’ll ever do to create a thriving life. This is not taught in school, but you can learn it right here in this workshop today. What you do now could lead you to a life of empowerment, freedom & prosperity.

Do You Want to be at the Top of Your Game?

How Excited Would You be if You Got Your Dream Job?

The Value of Career Interview Coaching with Eilish McKeown, MCC & her Client, Laura McNally

In this interview, Laura will share how she landed her dream job in nursing because of her successful interview coaching with her Master Coach, Eilish.

You’ll learn the intricacies of interviewing to get the best possible results to land the job of your dreams. The coaching process can make the difference between success & failure.

Many of you are going through transition in 2020. Consider putting the odds in your favor by getting coached before interviewing, for encouragement, support & skill-building. It’s that critical!

Bobbi DiClaudio, Certified Health & Life Coach will be hosting the interview between Eilish & Laura where you’ll discover many of the benefits of Competency-Based Interview Coaching.

Do You Want to be at the Top of Your Game?

Do You Want to be at the Top of Your Game?

Strategies for an Engaged, Productive Enterprise

Christine is a certified Core Values Index (CVI) Coach with Taylor Protocols. The CVI is a hiring tool that precisely matches the motivational drivers of candidates with the core responsibilities of a job. You’ll optimize your business success using core values to build the right team to support the growth of the company you work for, your own enterprise, initiative, or new venture.

How do you achieve being at the top of your game? That’s a question every corporate leader or business owner should ask themselves. Women lead differently then men & the more you learn how to sustain your core values, choose the right people for the position on your team, based on their core values, the more engaged & productive they will be to support you in achieving extraordinary results.

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to…

  • Develop & embrace your own core values
  • ​Understand & work with the core values of each team member
  • ​Avoid conflict
  • ​Stop doing what’s not working
Do Women See Prosperity Differently Than Men?

Do Women See Prosperity Differently Than Men?

This interview with David Krueger, MD & Executive Mentor Coach is hosted by Renee Dineen, a TedX Speaker, Organizational Psychologist & High-Performance Leadership Coach.

Through their conversation, women will begin to discover how to apply neuroscience to create essential transformations in their prosperity mindsets, mindsets that will take their lives to the next level!

Dr. Krueger & Renee will have an informative & lively discussion where you will discover…

  • How mindsets activate or hinder prosperity
  • ​How to transform your own prosperity mindset if needed
  • ​How to take advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity
  • ​What it means to ‘unlearn’ so you can relearn or learn anew
  • ​The important difference between playing to win vs playing not to lose

Dr. Krueger & Renee will discuss powerful discoveries rooted in Neuroscience on how changing your mind can change your brain to embrace prosperity.

In this Summit, prosperity is defined as embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life. The keyword is embracing. It asserts we willingly & enthusiastically accept and support the idea of prospering in all areas of life.

Are You Confident About Your Future Financial Security?

Are You Confident About Your Future Financial Security?

Living Boldly: Rebuilding Your Confidence to Transform Your Finances

What does Living Boldly mean? It means resetting your mindset, releasing yourself of limiting beliefs (old story) & creating a new thriving life story. Why not you?

In this workshop, specifically designed for the Summit, Gloria, our Summit Producer, will guide you to explore the 5-R Essentials to living boldly, dreaming BIG, transforming your relationship with money…

  • Reset Your Mindset (Shift)
  • ​Release Your Old Beliefs (Letting go as needed)
  • ​Redefine Your Goals & Aspirations (Discover your WHY)
  • ​Refocus Your Energy (To create a new thriving life story)
  • ​Recalibrate (Forgive yourself & start again as needed)

This workshop is dynamic & bold. It’s an opportunity for you to rebuild your confidence, get unstuck to explore & realize a new abundant secure future.

This quote is from a book I coauthored, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life!

We are either driven by our circumstances or open to change & opportunity!

Stay open to the opportunity; shifting your mindset is just a decision away.

Do You Need to Power-Up Your Communication?

Do You Need to Power-Up Your Communication?

A Conversational Blueprint for Women: Communicate with Confidence

This Workshop is designed for you to learn to effectively transform your communications in career, business & life with confidence. You’ll discover how to open-up conversations that build trust, release your fears of perceived conflict & experience the freedom to use your words in an empowering way.

Your conversations & way of being can be a catalyst for success or failure in all areas of your life. Does it make sense to participate in a workshop that can help you elevate your conversations…all within one hour?

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Summit Producer is a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)®. She will demonstrate in this workshop on the Summit Stage that everything happens in conversation!

You’ll discover how to create your own Blueprint for Conversational Intelligence® that works for you, personally & professionally.

In this virtual age, where conversations are relegated to a text, email, or video call, we need to learn to use our words & energy behind the words, in a way that expresses our true inner thoughts & feelings to one another to strengthen relationships & mutual success.

Are You a Coach Who Wants to Build an Online Presence?

Are You a Coach Who Wants to Build an Online Presence?

Increase Your Influence, Impact & Income with The Course Launchpad™

Malia Monaco, ICF-ACC, Online Offering Strategist & a host on LEAP to Prosperity Virtual FREE Summit for Women™ has her own workshop on the Summit Stage in the Coach’s Corner on Day 5. She will demonstrate how you can increase your influence, impact & income… by developing & marketing an online offering.

Malia developed the platform for this Summit. She has expert technical skills & she’s a coach. She’ll present the opportunities to build any of the following:

  • An evergreen online course with modules (build it once & sell it over & over)
  • ​A virtual workshop such as those being presented on the Summit Stage
  • ​A group coaching masterclass on ZOOM

There’s an art to everything Malia produces. The consequences of 2020 have transformed the use of virtual learning, experiencing & sharing. It’s been a ground-breaking series of events leading to what we can now create virtually.

If you’re a coach, take advantage of Malia’s expertise & facilitation skills.

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