Free to Soar Again

I have a unique perspective compelling me to write this article. At age 75, I experienced severe shortness of breath issues from the COVID virus, with no pre-existing underlying medical lung issues. As of today, all my vitals are normal and I’m no longer contagious.  WOOHOO!

Because I contracted the virus while visiting my son and family in CO at 8,000 feet of elevation, my recovery was somewhat more challenging. This virus does discriminate, typically attacking our weaknesses. The state of your health at the onset of a positive test result will likely determine the severity of your symptoms.

No matter what you’ve heard about easy recoveries, you don’t want to contract this crazy virus.  My doctor explained how complicated treatments have been, not knowing who’s most at risk and why.

So, to believe I am free to soar again, living in a land of opportunity not dominated by the COVID numbers, I am taking a strong position in the aftermath of my recovery. I come to you equipped to share from this painful experience. As I spent more time in bed than I could have imagined, it provided an opportunity to listen and learn more about what we were all going through in the face of this horrible pandemic.

I did get COVID while visiting family in CO. My family wasn’t infected, but a family we visited while there did have a set of circumstances, unknown to them at the time we were together. That decision set in motion a series of positive test results for 15 of us. Our 7 healthy athletic teenagers were asymptomatic, as expected, and the adults have all recovered to various degrees.

I offer my perspective, for your consideration, from what I’ve learned. I believe moving forward requires each one of us to make educated and responsible choices. You don’t need a politician to choose for you unless you’re ready to give up all your personal freedoms. I submit to you, it’s time to step up and put on your own ‘brave’ banner.

Set yourself free to soar again!

Here’s my 5-Point THRIVE Plan for YOU to Ponder: 

  1. If you’ve already had COVID and recovered from all symptoms (after 21 days), invite people into your life so you can help spread herd immunity. This is a safer space for them than the grocery store. It will take a combination of spreading our immunity to others, along with the willingness of Americans to get vaccinated (immunized), to eradicate this monster virus. A negative test result may take up to 2 months, after you’ve had the virus. I am told you are not contagious during that time (after 21 days).
  2. We have a vaccine and others on the way. Put your ‘brave’ on and get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible. Take the initiative to find out when your number comes up. You may be saying to yourself,  “I’m not sure it’s safe.” I understand your skepticism given what we’ve been put through. I heard a doctor say yesterday in an interview, you are 10,000 times safer getting vaccinated than you are contracting the virus. The virus in your body is unpredictable! The vaccine is 95% successful with thousands of patients who have been in clinical trials.
  3. No matter where you are health-wise, create a plan and ask for support to get healthier. As a professional thrive life coach, I am committed to provide programs to support women (my market) to learn and practice what it will take to radically shift their health and weight in 2021. If not now, when? View my free webinar. 2020 brought us this horrible virus, which radically changed our way of life, and now we have a choice to influence and impact positive change, and it begins with each one of us. You are being called to action.
  4. Support your local small business. Think of this, small business provides 70% of American jobs. The shut-down has been extremely harmful to our society overall which is not the single answer to stopping the virus. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Call your local restaurant, personal service business, ask them what you can do to support their comeback. Join their cause to encourage and empower them to stay the course.
  5. My last point, stop being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. A quote from my Amazon bestseller RE, “We are either driven by our circumstances or open to change and opportunity.”

Why am I using a photo of horses running free to inspire this article? First, I love horses, and watching them run free on the seashore gives me pause to pace my thoughts around the whole concept of being free and ponder what’s possible for our country in the aftermath of this  pandemic.         

Prosperity-building coachGloria Manchester is a professional thrive coach who’s dedicated her life to the emotional, physical, relational & financial health of others through her coaching platform & community for women.