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Yes, I’d like to learn more about A New Health Story™ Workshop

A New Health Story™

Health and Wellness A New Health Story™ is a 5-session live coaching workshop on ZOOM platform to encourage employees to develop and adopt a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Given the changes and rising costs in healthcare in America today, this is the best prescription for any of us to prevent chronic health issues and debilitating disease. To achieve it, we must change our health story by changing our habits. We each have the power to rewire our brains to sustain the changes we strive to make.

Takeaways from participating in this lively 5-session online workshop …

  • Discover cues that are preventing you from having a healthy weight, body, and mind
  • Explore how you sabotage your health
  • Identify what part your gut plays in holding on to weight
  • Adopt new habits that support you in feeling physically fit and fantastic
  • Do more in less time

Develop your roadmap to A New Health Story™ making the necessary shifts to increase your energy and transform your gut, your body, and your life.