Is your Health & Body at RISK (Webinar)?

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Strategy #1
A healthy body begins with a radical shift in your mindset 
Strategy #2
The imbalance in your hormones effect your metabolism & negatively impact your weight loss efforts 
Strategy #3
Self-care & self-compassion play a critical role in your weight & overall wellbeing 
In this FREE webinar, we'll explore all the ways a healthy metabolism can lower risks for certain disease and promote healthy weight loss. Our functional health expert, Lynn, will walk through her proprietary Health Assessment with the participants.

It was developed to challenge your concept of ‘dieting’. A ‘diet’ approach is an external solution to an internal problem, begins from a place of fear & not enough & encourages resistance & pain.  
Meet Your Hosts
Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC
Amazon Bestselling Author & Professional Thrive Coach
Lynn Billett
Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Expert 
Excess weight can present many challenges including physical limitations as well as emotional & health issues, especially from age 38-68. What’s at stake for you if you don’t initiate essential change in your outlook & your health? 

After all your struggles with dieting, imagine shedding pounds in a wholesome way, having energy & vitality, falling in love with your body again & looking fabulous in your favorite pair of jeans.
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