Discover 6 Strategies to Ward Off Bullies, Bad Bosses & Energy Vampires & Reclaim Your Personal Power
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April is Professional Women’s Career/Business Month at LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community for Women.

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Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a woman creates to identify reasonable, safe & permissible ways for other people to behave towards her & how she will respond when someone crosses those limits.

This is a relational workshop where you’ll discover how to stand strong for yourself, elevate your conversations with bullies, bad bosses & energy vampires & reclaim your personal power.

Shannon Slack, MSW/LSW Career Coach

When Shannon first started her corporate career, she felt susceptible to absorbing other’s negative energy. She experienced a lot of anxiety, often taking it home to her family. These feelings of powerlessness also diminished Shannon’s productivity. Once she shared her struggles, she discovered that many of her peers were having some of the same stressful issues.

As a career consultant, Shannon strategizes with, and encourages women to reclaim their power by establishing strong boundaries to ward off the bullies, bad bosses & energy vampires, experience career fulfillment, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

She is the creator of the Spark Resume Template, the author of The Spark Method: Networking Your Way to Your Next Position, and is a speaker, writer & educator on the topic of career transition & professional development.

Shannon created this workshop exclusively for our Summit where each participant will receive a resumé template to build-on their accomplishments. 
Yes, I want to establish healthy boundaries!
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