Live 90-minute ZOOM workshop
The Heart in Forgiveness™
“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.” – Oprah
Live Introductory Workshop to Experience the
Power of Forgiveness  

By participating in a safe and supportive workshop environment, you'll experience what forgiveness is and what it is not. Few of us get through life untouched by some degree of conflict, disappointment, hurt, or regret.
What would you gain from learning simple practices to release yourself from these negative emotions?
Live Workshop this Fall 
Who do you need to forgive … a family member, significant other, friend, co-worker, or yourself?

The heart in forgiveness begins within each of our own hearts.   

Forgiveness is at the heart of every healthy relationship and story. To the extent that we don’t forgive, we compromise and sabotage our relationships, aspirations, hopes, and dreams.
What You’ll Discover...

Forgiveness of ourselves and others presents us with the opportunity to reclaim our personal power.  
How to release painful childhood experiences that may still be emotionally holding us back
A practice to face our truths and mend our hearts
The wisdom in letting go and experiencing the freedom in choice
That forgiveness is the key to restore our relationships and reclaim our personal power 
Forgiveness does not make an offender right. It doesn’t mean that we put our trust in them, sweep the potential for danger under the rug, or remain in relationships that are unhealthy or abusive.

Being in a state of forgiveness requires us to be responsible not for someone else’s behavior or the offensive act, but for the negative meaning we give it and punishing ourselves as a result. 

We must be willing to take an honest look at the debilitating choices and decisions we make and hold ourselves and others accountable for the actions taken or not taken that caused distress.
Upon registering you'll receive a PDF copy of the Amazon Bestselling Book, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life! ($12.95 Value)
Prior to the first live session you'll receive your link to complete the Color Code® Personality Science Assessment. ($27.00 Value)
RE was written to empower women—regardless of their past or current circumstances. It is a #1 Amazon Bestselling self-improvement book because it addresses the struggles many of us have experienced. The women in the book overcame their circumstances to courageously tell their stories. The thread that runs through every story is the heart in forgiveness.
In order to begin to heal, each woman had to let go and make a choice to forgive, whether it was a parent, primary relationship, friend, or herself. The authors provide various exercises in RE from their live course called Partner in Excellence (PIE), to open up your mind, renew your spirit, and reclaim a thriving life you want and deserve to have. 
Facilitated by a coauthor of the Amazon Bestselling Book, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life! 

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Prosperity-Builder Coach™ , Founder of Create a Thriving Life Story™ Officially Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, Enhanced Narrative Coach®, New Life Story® and New Money Story®, Creator of Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)®, Certified Trainer for Color Code® and coauthor of RE-The wisdom in rethinking your life!©   
Read Stories From Women Who Thrived  From The Heart in Forgiveness™
There is an inherent link between mothers and daughters (womb to womb); a relationship that does more to define us than any other. You are much likely less likely to forgive yourself, if you haven’t forgiven your mother.
“My father had abused me as a child. During a forgiveness exercise, in a course facilitated by Gloria, to my surprise, it was not my father I saw in front of me, it was my mother. I realized in that moment I had done the underlying emotional work to heal my past. I am grateful for my own courage to heal, the encouragement I’ve received from others on my journey, and the opportunity to be a loving, healthy, free spirit again.” – Nancy, Boise, ID
"The most memorable experience for me in the work I did in PIE was an exercise in which we were instructed to write a letter of regret and forgiveness to one person—father, mother, or self. Since my Dad had gone into the hospital the day I started PIE, and I had struggled with our relationship for many years, I thought this was perfectly timed.
I had longed to have an honest conversation with him and was afraid that I would miss my opportunity given his steady decline in health. Going through the exercise prepared me for what I knew I had to do. Shortly after the course ended, I had a beautiful and heartfelt talk with my Dad. Not long after that, he died. We were both at peace.” - Sydnee, Pittsburgh PA
I'm Ready to Embrace Forgiveness
Live Workshop this Fall

Includes 90-minute session, Color Code® Personality Science Assessment and
PDF version of the Amazon Bestselling book RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life!
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