FREE Virtual Summit September 23rd to 27th 2020

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LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit for Women™

ReDefine. ReStrengthen. ReVitalize.

Start your prosperity journey by watching this short video from Gloria Manchester, Summit Producer & explore how this Summit can transform your life! 
Produced by the Co-Author of the Amazon Best Seller RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life 
2020 has been a year of turmoil, tension & transition. 

You’re invited to this extraordinary event to redefine your goals & aspirations, restrengthen yourself & your relationships...& revitalize your life. 
The time is now to move your life to an entirely new level of thriving.
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5 Days
4 Areas of Life
20+ Speakers
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What Is a Prosperity Summit &
Who Is It For?
LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit is a FREE 5-day online event with multi-topic workshops, webinars & inspirational interviews, specifically designed for women of all ages & walks of life. Why? Because we all deserve to thrive & more than ever.  
We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life.  Choose the one area of life that most resonates with you to begin planning your own journey to prosperity.  

You’ll gain total access to workshops & interviews from first-class professional coaches, authors & speakers who have overcome their own challenges to find their passion & purpose in inspiring & coaching women to elevate their lives.

A Woman’s Journey to Prosperity™ is a movement for any woman who dares to take her first step using this opportunity to secure & sustain a thriving & prosperous life. The time is now to move your life to an entirely new level of thriving.

Which area of your life needs to be revitalized?



Everything begins with a shift in mindset. We all have blind spots, negative thoughts that prevent us from seeing beyond our struggles. To master our emotions, we must retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see & seize opportunities wherever we look. LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit for Women was developed to provide a forum for you to explore what needs to change in your life, so you can be Playing to Win.


Ask I struggle in giving myself time for self-care? Do I need & want more energy & vitality to move joyfully through my days? Do I want to develop a healthy body & mind? 2020 is the year we all became acutely aware of the importance in building-up our immune system & our overall health and vitality to offset viruses or disease. This Summit has workshops for you to discover how to nurture & revitalize your body to achieve optimum health & joie de vivre.


Life is all about relationships, personally, professionally & socially. We were designed to be in partnership & community, while also enjoying fun & adventure with friends & family.  More acceptance & forgiveness is needed in the world today. In this Summit you'll have access to workshops on how to set clean boundaries, create healthy, functioning relationships and elevate all the conversations & communication in your personal & professional life. 


Begin imagining, what would your future look like if you were thriving...operating from an abundant mindset? In contrast, when you operate from a scarcity mindset, you start thinking there isn’t enough for hijack your brain & lose real perspective. You’ll need to retrain your brain to overcome the negativity you’ve been downloading, so you can thrive & prosper. When you find your passion & purpose—prosperity will follow. 
This is the day where it all comes together as you begin to take action in redefining your goals & aspirations,
restrengthening yourself & your relationships...& revitalizing your life. 

LEAP to Prosperity™
Virtual Summit for Women

Register for FREE access to over 20+ expert speakers & receive a PDF copy of A Woman's Journey to Prosperity™ taking the first steps on your journey & other bonuses! 

Coaches & Speakers
Our featured professional & accredited coaches, authors & speakers are high-visibility leaders who are enriching the lives of women all over the world. 

Why Attend? 

The workshops & interviews will awaken your heart & mind to begin a journey in creating your own thriving life story. Change Your Story-Change Your Life!

Even if you've been to other summits, this comprehensive event is unique because we're not defining prosperity as just wealth or money, but an exploration of prosperity in four essential areas of life. You’ll not only be inspired by the interviews; you’ll actually have opportunity for practical application to elevate your life through the workshops.   

You'll Discover...

  • A new perspective/mindset around what’s now possible for you
  • ​Workshops & interviews to awaken your heart & mind 
  • ​Actionable steps to ignite prosperity in all four areas of your life

You'll Receive...

  • ​A Participant Guide with each workshop to help you continue to make progress on your own  
  • ​Strategies & tools for ongoing support to sustain what you gained 
  • ​Access to a community of women on Private Facebook to share your life struggles & successes 

LEAP to Prosperity
Virtual Summit for Women™

Register for FREE access to over 20+ expert speakers & receive a PDF copy of A Woman's Journey to Prosperity™ taking the first steps on your journey & other bonuses. 

About Our Nonprofit Cause

STARR Life & Leadership for At-Risk Teen Girls  

STARR Stands for Succeed Through Accountable Responsible Resolve
Breaking-Through Bullying, Sexual Abuse & Exploitation to Empower our Next Generation of Women!  Many of our teen girls were trafficked & graduated from STARR to create a thriving life story for themselves.  We'll be sharing video interviews during the Summit.  

C A R T E, a 501c3 is financially supported by the revenues generated from Create A Thriving Life Story™ Coaching Programs & the parent company, Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), as well as funding from generous donors who recognize the breakthrough work we’ve been doing with at-risk teenage girls for over 25 years. 

STARR is a 3-Day Live Event followed by 60 days of mentor coaching in collaboration with Prosperity-Building Coaches™ on our platform.   

STARR Sponsors 

We'd like to acknowledge & thank Color Code® Personality Science for their generous offer to provide assessments with funds being donated to our STARR Life & Leadership Course for At-Risk Teen Girls.  
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