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Executive Coaching

Yes, I’d like to learn more about LEAD to Excellence™

LEAD to Excellence™

Executive training and coaching for company executives and upper-management. Change The Story-Change Your Results™

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.”  – The Go Giver, John David and Bob Burg

Lead to Excellence is an experiential one-day event with a live neuroscience-based video coaching model once weekly over 4 weeks. In this high-energy training, we’ll be exploring the keys to developing your people to achieve optimum performance by becoming highly influential in all your communications.  Influence is described as moving people to a desired outcome while helping them feel genuinely good about themselves and you.   

We’ll use Neuro-Marketing as a tool to describe how to engage and connect with your teams and prospective customers in a highly-effective emotional way. Neuro-Marketing is a professional practice for selling your products and services through advances in neuroscience. It integrates biological and social sciences to understand conscious choices and the underlying brain activity that determines consumer behavior.   From it, you’ll create a unique and exciting narrative for your business enterprise that translates into an expanded communication campaign for your middle-management and teams. There is power in story – Change The Story-Change Your Results. This training is where great leaders get the framework to build trust, insights, and transparency in alignment with managers and teams, ultimately delivering a compelling message to your customer base that can translate into a substantial increase in business.

This ground-breaking training includes personality science assessments for all participants with dynamic communication and leadership exercises. The STAR Skills training from the bestselling business book, Conversational Intelligence®How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results will be used demonstrating how to bring all your conversations to the next level of greatness.