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Team Trainings

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Stand in Excellence™

Stand in Excellence™ is an innovative 6-hour training for teams to align their company’s aspirations with their own, and to partner with leadership and management to deliver the company’s new narrative, directly to clients and customers. By participating in this highly accelerated training, with a 30-day video coaching follow-up, your team(s) will make a greater contribution and significantly increase their performance potential. The benefits gained can fully translate into their personal lives.  That’s the Win-Win!

By fully participating in this accelerated training you will learn to …

  • Proudly stand for the company vision and narrative and effectively deliver the message to its clients with enthusiasm, intention, and impact – Narrative Marketing
  • Become more self-aware and effective in communicating; understanding why you do what you do and why others do what they do; solving the personality puzzle. The Color Code®
  • Recognize your contribution to the greater vision and message
  • Realize the power you have in conversation to authentically influence one another in a way which everybody wins – Conversational Intelligence®