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Coach Development

Prosperity Coach Development Programs™

Innovate – Integrate – Influence – Impact

As professionals in today’s technological climate, we can coach anyone … anywhere in the world. We are change-makers and we each have the power and the skills to influence and impact clients across the globe. It’s such an exciting profession … and we’re just getting started.

Prosperity Coach Development Programs™ was designed with you in mind. Through various surveys, we ASKED, what you wanted and needed, and you answered. As a result of the responses from those surveys, you’ll find the following assessments for your clients, business growth and affiliate income opportunities, partner programs, and Coach Masterminds, forming every quarter on this innovative platform.  Change the Results – Change your Life

Your coach story is important to us. We want to watch you thrive!  We’ll continue ASKING what you need to grow your practice, and we’ll continue innovating based on your feedback.

In the book, Taking the Leap – How to Build a World-Class Coaching Business, Mark Thompson says, “Learn exactly how to grow your coaching business by forging close partnerships with influencers and industry leaders.”  We want to partner with you to innovate, integrate, influence, and impact the world by making a difference in more people’s lives through professional coaching.

Gloria Manchester, Certified Coach and Founder of Create a New Life Story™ Platform


Assessments which will become available (with training opportunities for professional use) include Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)®, Color Code® Personality Science, and others that will be added as we grow.

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Business Growth

A New Prosperity Story™ – An accelerated communication and sales course for coaches to achieve winning results in their practice.

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Coach Groups

A powerful synergistic concept formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s in the book, Think and Grow Rich and now available using the The Neuroscience of Influence.  

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Coach Affiliate Program

An opportunity to receive commissions on our client-based offerings through various campaigns during the year.

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