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Create a Thriving Life Story™
Coach Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Prosperity Coach Affiliate Program. It was developed to educate more people on “what is a coach”, offer professional group coaching to an expanded market, and help you, find new clients for one-on-one coaching, make more money, retain clients, and be part of a growing community of other motivated and talented certified coaches. We are proud to provide this opportunity to those of you prepared to promote a number of our leading-edge online courses, live training, life and business coaching, video coaching, virtual workshops, and mastermind communities.

This platform was created to impact the practice of professional coaching, support new and expanding businesses, prosper entrepreneurs, and offer personal and professional development for individuals and families. You can view below the extensive suite of programs being offered to business leaders, entrepreneurs, families, and coaches.  Create a Thriving Life Story™(CATLS) is the first platform of its kind showcasing a multitude of online and live events to Change Your Story-Change Your Life™ – Change the Story™ – Change Your Results™.  It is our intention to equip you to provide learning-edge courses to your clients, as you participate in growing your own prosperity through the offerings on this innovative site.

As you navigate through this Platform, be assured that all our offerings are produced as group workshops, live video groups, group coaching, and live courses. Our only one-on-one coaching is a one-hour introductory session to inspire new clients to seek coaching.  From this session, we’ll be making referrals and recommendations to our pre-approved affiliate coaches. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which we reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to our Platform, who makes a purchase based on an affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

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Program Overview

This affiliate program is designed to manage a process for certified coaches, and other designated affiliate-partners, to market and promote specific group coaching and training programs for published campaigns running throughout the year. An affiliate receives 20% of each program fee in commissions, paid on the 1st of each month (or closest business day) for all sales paid in full over 30 days prior to that date, made necessary with CATLS 30-day refund policy to purchasers. For those purchases that are recurring monthly, you’ll be paid after all funds are collected. Example: For a fully paid course payment ending 5-31-18, commission would be paid 7-1-18.  

We want to make your experience on this Platform as simple and functional as possible, so you can easily invite your circle of clients, family, friends, and cohorts to participate in developing themselves to change their stories and their lives, through our various group offerings.

Don’t forget to use your unique partner link to direct your networks towards the landing page for each active campaign.  


This platform was created on Ruth Stafford Peale’s premise, from her bestselling book called The Power of Positive Thinking, “Find a Need and Fill It.” After many surveys and conversations with coaches, we ASKED what you needed and wanted. Out of your feedback to us, we created the Prosperity Coach Development Programs™.

These programs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Small Business – Corporate

    LEAD to Excellence™
    Training for Executives

    LEAP to Excellence™
    Training for Middle Management

    STAND-In Excellence™
    Training for Team-Building

    A New Health Story™
    Online Corporate Wellness for Employees


  • Entrepreneurial Development

    Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)®
    Prosperity Mindset Assessment Tool

    A New Prosperity Story™
    5-Module online course

    Prosperity Story MasterClass™
    Advanced MC to monetize business

  • Personal Workshops & Coaching

    Color Code Personality Science
    Assessment + 1:1 Introductory Session

    Developing and Elevating Family Relationships
    Assessments + Workshop for Family

    The Heart in Forgiveness
    2-Hour ZOOM Workshop

    Women in Excellence
    2-Hour ZOOM Workshop for Women

    Partner in Excellence
    2.5-Day Live Life and Leadership Course for Women

    STARR for Teenage Girls
    3-Day Life and Leadership Course
    $697.00 (Including Accommodations and Meals)

    My New Story Summit for Women in Second-Half of Life
    Coming Spring 2019

  • Coach Development

    Prosperity-IQ (P-IQ)® Assessment 
    For Coaches and Clients

    Color Code® Personality Science Assessment
    Assessments for Coaches and Clients + 1:1 Introductory Session

    A New Prosperity Story™
    An Accelerated Online Communication and Sales Course for Entrepreneurs and Coaches

    Prosperity Coach Mastermind™
    A 4-month Mastermind Sequel to A New Prosperity Story™ to Monetize Practice
    $997.00 one payment or $297.00 per month for 4 months

    Affiliate Program
    Commissions Paid to Coach Affiliates for All Listed Courses, Trainings, and Workshops

  • Virtual Workshops $47.00 each

    Personal Growth:

    Nourish and Flourish – An Exploration into Self-Care

    Transform your Beliefs, your Habits, your Body (Holistic Health)

    Micro-Mindful Moments

    Thriving Through Separation or Divorce

    A Conversational Blueprint™

    Professional Growth:

    The Neuroscience of Self-Sabotage

    Coaches – Increase your Influence and Income with Courseware

    Micro-Mindful Moments

    Coaching with Metaphors

    A Conversational Blueprint™

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