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Coach Groups

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Prosperity Coach Mastermind™

Mastermind groups are forming quarterly. In order to participate, you must have first completed A New Prosperity Story™- An Accelerated Online Communication and Sales Course for Coaches to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and filled-out an application to match you with the most compatible group.

Prosperity Coach Mastermind™ is a  powerful experience which will elevate your thinking to achieve abundance and transform your practice and your life. Masterminding was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s in the book, Think and Grow Rich. Based on the most recent research in neuroscience, through exercises and assignments, we have greatly expanded on the original concept, to activate your brain and shift your mindset to think prosperously.  

In this format, everyone is equal, there is no hierarchy of coach or leader among the group. You will have an experienced facilitator to guide you on this journey to an intimate and empowering space, and to coach and support each of you and the group as a whole. 1+1=3 is a synergistic concept describing how, by working together in harmony, we can develop a powerful third mind. To gain the most from the Mastermind sessions, you must remain open and coachable. 

Each Mastermind community is made up of  5-7 motivated coaches with common goals and aspirations to grow and prosper, while making a bigger difference in the world. You’ll meet twice monthly on live ZOOM with a trained facilitator and have twice monthly sessions with peer partners to process assignments and further integrate the learning.  

Completion of the Prosperity Coach Mastermind™offers 10 ICF Competency Units and 2 ICF Resource Units.

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