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Coaching Assessments

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Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)®

This self-assessment triggers your current thinking in eight (8) key areas of your life. By taking this assessment at Point A (where you stand today), and being willing to adopt an abundant mindset to move through your challenges, you’ll begin to prosper at Point B (your thriving point).

I developed this assessment a few years ago, out of my own need to rethink my life and what I wanted to create to express my passion for inspiring and influencing others in reaching their full potential in life, career, and business. I then decided to apply for a United States Trademark to protect it. Then we created the assessment with the help of a focus group. Your P-IQ® is expandable (you can improve your prosperity mindset) just like you can grow your Emotional and Social Intelligence (E-Q). Your IQ on the other hand is fixed.

Completing this ground-breaking Assessment will help you to …

  • Discover the areas in your life you’ve rated low and discover what needs to change
  • Identify your next step to abundance 
  • Develop a prosperous mindset to propel you forward
  • Offer your clients a way of developing their Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)®
  • Complete it as a pre-requisite for all Prosperity Coach Business Growth Programs

Our Greater Meaning of Prosperity: Embracing a healthy, flourishing, influential, and successful life.

Color Code® Personality Science Coaching Session

An Introductory Coaching Session to Discover the Value in using Color Code® Personality Science for Yourself and in your Practice!

Even if you’re familiar with or have taken other personality assessments in the past, this one is different … because the results are grounded in motive not behavior.

In a fast-moving 90-minute session, you’ll be fully engaged in discovering your driving core motive and gaining the most benefit from your self-assessment results. You’ll receive a full comprehensive report, including your innate strengths and limitations. In this session, you’ll choose the strengths you’re ready to further develop to meet your current goals and aspirations, and recognize the limitations that may be holding you back. 

Once you’ve completed your own assessment, followed by our one-on-one coaching session to deconstruct the results, you’ll want to begin using this assessment tool to set a foundational context to empower your clients at the onset of their coaching engagement. We’ll also be recording your assessment session for you to use as a reference for yourself and for you to implement with your client. In this dynamic session you’ll gain the insight and tools necessary to set a clear purposeful intention to take you to the next level, equipping you to write a dynamic new story for your coaching practice.

Understanding why we do what we do is fundamental in developing our emotional and social intelligence. It’s the starting point and a cornerstone in achieving extraordinary results. 

Through your participation in our coaching session you will:   

  • Discover why you do what you do and how to most effectively use your strengths to grow your practice
  • Define your saboteurs (limitations) and determine how to turn them into strategies for success
  • Develop a clear intention statement that propels you forward 
  • Set some powerful steps to take you to the next level in your practice
  • Deliver a clean and informative personality assessment to your clients

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Founder of Create a New Life Story™ – Innovative Platform for Personal and Professional Development

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