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Monetize for Success

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A New Prosperity Story™ Entrepreneurial Money Masterclass

Monetizing for Success

Congratulations for completing A New Prosperity Story™ online course. You are now ready to take your business or idea to the next level. This MasterClass is an advanced course designed with an intensive coaching curriculum to make peace with your relationship with money, so you can be freed to exponentially increase your income and change your story and your life.

Ask yourself, “In what ways would my life change if I was making enough money to fully live my dreams and goals while contributing to others?” Allow yourself to dream BIG!

This is what Dr. David Krueger, M.D. who wrote the book, The Secret Language of Money, which has been translated into 18 languages, says about our relationship with money.

Each one of us has a money story, a money autobiography with a plot, storylines, conflicts, and aspirations. Every important relationship, including money, has its own history, develops its own story, and evolves its own language. Even though we talk about money regularly and think about it daily, we may not know how to clearly and simply tell our money stories to ourselves to see what needs to change. 

This high-level MasterClass is designed to take you from where you are now in your story, to where you really want to be as a “THRIVER”. You will be teamed-up with five (5) other highly-motivated entrepreneurs over eight (8) sessions to engage, embody, and implement a working plan to monetize your business idea or marketing approach, to reach its ultimate level of success and prosperity. You must be completely coachable in the methodologies presented and enthusiastically open to the new advances in neuroscience to expand your abundant-thinking.

MasterClass takes a commitment requiring each individual participant to be fully aligned with the coaching methodology being used, and with the group.  You will be challenged to completely rethink your money story. This is ground-breaking work! You must begin this journey with a prosperous mindset in order to realize your greatest aspirations.

The Neuroscience of Synergy

In this MasterClass, you’ll be masterminding, which is synergy in action; utilizing the combined efforts of others with common aspirations (1+1=3). As you collaborate to achieve your individual goals, you each benefit from the collective energy and wisdom of the group by developing a powerful third mind, introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s in his bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich. We’ll be taking the concept of Think and Grow Rich to another level, and exploring the newest findings in neuroscience to train your brain to think more creatively and prosperously, empowering you to achieve extraordinary results.

In this breakthrough MasterClass, you will discover how to

  • Self-Regulate for Success (to thrive in all areas of your life)
  • Practice Conversational Intelligence® (to strengthen relationships)
  • Communicate to Influence (to create mutual success)
  • Play to Win (to re-calibrate daily)
  • Build Strategic Partnerships (to experience the magic of synergy)
  • Map Changes (to create a new money story)
  • Monetize your Idea or Business (to achieve financial freedom)

A New Prosperity Story™ Entrepreneurial Money Masterclass Groups are forming quarterly.