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Personal Workshops and Coaching

Everyone has a story.  When we embrace our history and acknowledge whatever limiting beliefs we’ve held on to, we open ourselves up to create new ideas and possibilities. As Brené Brown, author and public speaker says, “When we own our story, we can write a brave new ending.” is a platform that offers workshops, group coaching, webinars, community, mastermind groups, and resources to support you in living an exciting new story. We’ll introduce tools to empower you to shift, take action, and make bold new changes that will last a lifetime.  If you want to confidently step into an inspired new chapter in your life … this is the platform for you.

Whatever your aspirations, whatever your dreams … you can reach beyond your own limiting beliefs with the support, engagement, and expertise of our certified coaches and facilitators.

Story, the foundation for our ground-breaking work, is a dynamic neuroscience-based discovery process that compels you to make powerful changes in the direction of your life. Through our leading-edge programs, you’ll have a choice to reframe your past and redefine your future. You’ll have the tools to elevate your conversations in ways that will strengthen and transform your relationships and potential for success. You will discover The Power in Storythe power in your own story.

Self-Discovery and Communication

  • Color Code® Personality Science- Discovering Why You Do What You Do – Defining Your Purpose
  • Elevating Family Relationships – It’s All in the Communication
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Relational Workshops

  • A New Relationship Story™ for Men – Discovering the Secrets Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You About Being in Relationship with Women
  • A New Relationship Story™ for Couples – Discovering Your Driving Core Motives and Why It Matters to Sustain a Healthy Relationship
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Health and Wellness

  • The Heart in Forgiveness™ – The Neuroscience of Forgiveness – Creating a Healthy Heart Brain
  • A New Health Story™ Personal Course for Women – Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Mindfulness – It’s Easy – Take Micro-Mindful Moments (MM & M’s)
  • Nourish and Flourish- Workshop with other women who do too much exploring self-care
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Life and Leadership

  • Women in Excellence™ (WIE) – Online course for women in their 2nd half of life to discover their purpose and passion
  • Partner in Excellence™ (PIE)  Life and Leadership for Women – 2.5-Day Live Course with Accomodations
  • Live a Thriving Life Story™ – Mastermind Groups for Women who have completed Women in Excellence™ or Partner in Excellence™
  • STARR Life and Leadership Course for Teenage Girls – Her Success Journey Begins Here
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