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Join the Waitlist: The Heart in Forgiveness™ Virtual Workshop

The Heart in Forgiveness™ – Facilitated by the Authors of the Amazon Bestselling Book, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life!

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC

Rosalie D. Gibbons, MFT

Two 90-minute interactive live ZOOM workshops on the power in forgiveness!

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.” – Oprah

Forgiveness is at the heart of every healthy relationship and story. Yet to forgive someone who has disappointed, betrayed, or harmed us or someone we love is one of the most difficult choices we’ll ever make.  We may also find it extremely difficult to forgive ourselves as we alone know the truth of our darkest actions, our deepest regrets, or our unhealthy guilt. To the extent that we don’t forgive, we compromise and sabotage our relationships, aspirations, hopes, and dreams.

In the heart of forgiveness you’ll discover

  • What forgiveness is and what it is not
  • How your resentments and guilt sabotage your relationships with others 
  • What you reveal you can heal
  • The difference between forgiveness and trust
  • The wisdom in letting go and experiencing the freedom in choice
  • How to reclaim your personal power 

To set a date, we must have a minimum of 8 participants. We recommend adding your name to the waiting list just so we can notify you of our upcoming dates for this life-altering exploration into the power in forgiveness. Each participant will receive a copy of the Amazon Bestselling Book, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking your Life!

Purchase A New Health Story™ Virtual Workshop

A New Health Story™ – Transform Your Beliefs, Your Habits, Your Body!

You don’t have to do 100 push-ups or run 5 miles a day to achieve a healthy weight and body!

In order to experience extraordinary results in life, you really have only two choices; change yourself or change your situation. Transforming your beliefs, your habits, and your body begins with making a radical shift in your mindset.

The presenter for this Virtual Workshop, Bobbi DiClaudio, knows from an early age the struggle in making that radical shift to transform her body. That’s why she’s the best coach to encourage and support you in developing your new health story.

This Webinar was designed to open up your mind to self-care and begin to visualize yourself as healthy and whole. Bobbi starts with this question, “what makes you feel most alive?”

By participating in this fast-moving one-hour workshop, you will discover how to

  • Shift your mindset
  • Indulge without feeling deprived
  • Cleanse your gut
  • Nourish your soul
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Micro-Mindful Moments (MM&M’s)

Mindfulness – Is Your Mind Full or Are You Mindful?  

Do you want to generate a mindfulness culture in your home and workplace?

In our information-overload world, the moment we wake up, the moment we open our eyes, our brains start racing with a Niagara Falls cascade of thoughts and our bodies awaken to a stream of sensations and feelings.

As we start our day, whether at home or at work, we unconsciously begin multitasking with an ongoing list of things to do.  In this never-ending process, we are often not aware of our emotional state, our energy levels, and the stress we are placing on our bodies, hearts, and minds; nor are we aware of the impact we are having on those around us.

Today, mindfulness is the focus of leading-edge studies and research in top universities and medical institutions around the world. This impressive research is showing us we can use our minds to measurably change and rewire our brains in positive ways.

In this one-hour virtual workshop, you’ll learn to easily introduce mindful moments into your daily routine, at home or at work, that will accelerate your personal development, increase work-related focus and performance, and contribute to your clarity of mind and healthy well being.

Though you must practice mindfulness to gain its benefits, you don’t have to be devoted to hours of daily meditation.  And, you don’t need to take a big chunk out of your day in order to reset, refuel and recharge yourself. In fact, mindfulness is more about focus and frequency than it is about length of attention.

Here are some of the benefits of inserting micro-mindful moments throughout your day:

  • Elevate your productivity and creativity
  • Increase your clarity of focus and decision-making
  • Expand your emotional intelligence and communicate more effectively
  • Decrease your stress and readily recover from conflict and frustration
  • Build-up your immune system responses and resilience to distress
  • Improve your overall health and well-being
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Nourish & Flourish: An Exploration into Self-Care for Care-Givers

Nourish & Flourish is a one-hour virtual workshop to discover the true value of self-care in YOUR life!

If you’ve been putting off doing something to take care of yourself because you can’t see beyond your extreme responsibilities, this workshop is for you. Take this one hour to hear and learn from experts and other care-givers how to reclaim your life?

This live workshop is being presented by the mother of two medically-challenged children, who at one time didn’t know where to turn for help. Then, she met her life coach and gained both a new perspective and skills that empowered her to create the life she wanted and deserved to have. It was out of this experience she decided to become certified as a life coach, to support and equip every woman who simply does too much for others … and very little for herself.

We know it takes courage to change!  This one-hour exploration is designed to inform you and share proven success steps that will encourage and support you in experiencing a more fulfilling life … in spite of your current circumstances.

Remember when traveling by air, the flight attendant always instructs you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping your children and others.

You have to nourish yourself before you can begin to flourish. Your story needs to be heard and we’re here to listen.

This one-hour experience may be your oxygen mask!