Life and Leadership

Women in Excellence™ 

If you’re in the second half of life, longing to express your passion and purpose, this is the life course for you. 

“Sometimes, people use age as a convenient excuse. ‘I’m too old to start something new’ or ‘I couldn’t learn that at my age.’ Other people, though, go on to achieve their greatest accomplishments in life in later years.”          – Catherine Pulsifer, Author

I was quite inspired by this quote! At the age of 72, after many failures and successes in my life, I decided to develop a platform where coaching in groups, live and online, would be easily accessible, affordable, and life-changing.  I dreamed of building an online presence where business owners, entrepreneurs, women, and families could develop themselves personally and professionally.  This is the genesis of Create a Thriving Life Story™.  Change your Story – Change your Life! 

I soon realized with a dream that BIG I had to learn something I knew very little about to assure its success; internet marketing.  I then proceeded to take a 6-month course in ASKING what women wanted, along with two other courses in copywriting, and launching programs. Through this innovative Platform, I know we’ll reach more women who will experience the power of professional coaching.

In this Course, over four 2-hour sessions together live on ZOOM, we’ll explore your dreams and aspirations. This is the place to define your passion and develop it into a meaningful purpose. What wisdom and gifts do you want to impart to the world at this pivotal time in your life? What legacy do you want to leave your family? 

Women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity. The mission for this Course is to develop empowered women that contribute their gifts and talents to influence significant change in the world. 

In this experiential course you will discover how to …

  • Refocus and reframe your dreams and aspirations
  • Experience major breakthroughs to re-energize your life
  • Explore your talents to reinvent yourself
  • Use the power of your words
  • Partner with other wise women in their second half to influence and impact positive change
  • Create a new chapter in your life that clearly expresses your passion and life purpose

Partner in Excellence (PIE)

Partner in Excellence (PIE)™ Live Life and Leadership Course for Women is an advanced course, and a bold leap forward in personal and professional development.

Success in life is all about forming healthy, growing partnerships to experience your personal excellence!

This innovative accelerated 2.5 day experiential journey gives you an opportunity to reflect, refocus, and recapture your passion and purpose to achieve your prosperity. Confident women, who care for themselves and stand in contribution to others, radiate the law of attraction in action. A quote from one of our PIE graduates, “A passionate woman who belongs to herself is irresistible.”  Attracting healthy relationships and success begins with you playing at your 100%.  PIE is the practice arena for achieving this.  

We believe that women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity in the world today. Our mission is to develop empowered and empowering women that contribute their gifts and talents to influence meaningful change in the world.

Using the newest research in neuroscience, you will first learn to overcome the limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back from experiencing major breakthroughs in your life. It’s an environment for dreaming BIG. This is a leading-edge course to transform your life and leadership skills and achieve your highest aspirations.  

In this advanced course with other motivated women you will discover how to …

  • Develop and sustain an intention-driven mindset
  • Quickly move from sabotage to success in each moment, rewiring your brain
  • Boost your Conversational Intelligence® and learn the power of your words
  • Experience major breakthroughs to write your roadmap to an extraordinary new story  
  • Collaborate and partner with other leaders to influence and impact positive change
  • Create a Thriving Life Story™ to experience your passion, purpose, and prosperity

New Story Community and Mastermind™ for Women

Once you’ve completed Partner in Excellence (PIE)™ you’ll be invited to enroll in our New Story Community and Mastermind™ forming each quarter. You’ll be joining other graduates in expanding on your aspirations and sustaining momentum from your PIE experience.  When two or more minds are synergistically connected (1+1=3), an extraordinary third mind and energy is produced to accomplish your goals. This is your moment to be/do/have everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s time to put yourself first. 

Mastermind groups are relatively new to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his groundbreaking book, Think and Grow Rich.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

In this exclusive New Story Community and Mastermind™, you’ll discover how to …

  • Think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries with other highly-motivated women
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Practice mindfulness and self-care
  • Create 1+1=3 in your personal and professional relationships
  • Collaborate and co-create, achieving more together to make a contribution to the world

STARR Life and Leadership Course for Teen Girls

Ages 14-18 – STARR stands for Succeed through Accountable, Responsible Resolve – a 2.5-day experience with accommodations where she’ll be empowered to create a positive shift in the direction of her life forever!

In today’s technological world, the life of a teenage girl is extremely challenging. As she navigates these volatile years, with the increase in school bullying, cyberbullying, sexting, many dangers on the internet, and the potential threat to her emotional and physical safety, a parent’s ability to protect her is increasingly compromised.

We know you want your daughter to develop a strong sense of herself, to create healthy relationships and make positive choices for her future. We specifically designed the STARR Course for your teen to recognize and build on her strengths, self-esteem, and confidence in a safe environment with other teens. STARR is held over 2.5 days, facilitated by seasoned professionals, and supported by trained staff. Following the course, your teen will participate in ZOOM live coaching sessions to apply the course principles and tools in her daily life across a 60-day period of time.

Your daughter is a masterpiece in the making and her teenage years can set a powerful foundation for developing and defining herself  as an influential leader in the world today. 

As a mother, you’ll be invited to participate in an introduction to STARR live on ZOOM. You’ll have an opportunity to evaluate STARR for your daughter and be part of her graduation ceremony on the last day. You’ll not only learn to use a common language that generates cooperation and open communication, you’ll discover tools to help you connect with your daughter as she moves through her own process in STARR … and in her future.

By participating in STARR your daughter will discover how to …

  • Build trust in herself and others
  • Communicate honestly and more effectively with you
  • Create healthy boundaries and stand-up for herself
  • Break through the barriers that keep her from experiencing her full potential
  • Learn success principles that result in better grades and a winning life
  • Be more influential as a leader
  • And, so much more!