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Self-Discovery and Communication

Purchase Color Code® + 1:1 Coaching Session

This 90-minute coaching session is for you to discover how effective coaching can propel you forward and lift up your career, business, and relationships

 Discovering why you do what you do and how to capitalize on your innate strengths!

A 90-Minute Coaching Session with Color Code® Personality Science  Elevating your Emotional Intelligence!

Color Code® Personality Science is the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use self-assessment you’ll ever take for yourself. Most other products are behavior-based (what you do), while this profile defines your driving core motive (why you do it). Once you discover and understand Color Code® you’ll begin to see yourself and others in a whole new light.

In an accelerated 90-minute session with a certified coach, you’ll be engaged in discovering your driving core motive, innate strengths and limitations,  your natural wants and needs, how you process information, and how you relate to others.  Through this self-discovery, and with the support, accountability,  and encouragement of a coach, you’ll gain the most benefit from your self-assessment results. In choosing the strengths you’re ready to develop to meet your current goals, and in recognizing the limitations that may be holding you back today, you’ll be equipped to change your story and the direction of your life.

What could you accomplish if you gained the insight and tools necessary to set a clear purposeful intention that will take you to the next level in your life?Whether you are transitioning into a new business or career, a relationship, or wanting to get healthier, this is the session to start learning how coaching can greatly benefit you personally and professionally.  

Through your participation in this dynamic coaching session you will 

  • Discover how to get what you really say you want by understanding which of your innate strengths will get you there
  • Elevate your emotional intelligence to improve your personal and social skills
  • Define your saboteurs and turn them into success strategies
  • Develop a clear intention statement that propels you to the next level in your career, business, and your life
  • Enhance your communication skills to clearly narrate the thriving life story you want to share with the world
  • Set clear steps as milestones to achieve your goals and aspirations