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Women’s Leadership Coaching

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LEAD to Excellence for Women™

Marketing narratives are tools we’ll use to describe how to engage and connect with your prospective customers in an emotional way. These narratives are being used by small business owners to tell the story of a product or service using compelling and highly-effective conversational techniques.

In this dynamic training, participants will discover how to …

  • Articulate the company Story in a way that is compelling, forging a new path to increase business success – Narrative Marketing
  • Build top performing individuals and teams by understanding their underlying motives and why they do what they do –The People Code®
  • Utilize groundbreaking neuroscience applications to generate powerful conversations that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success … to produce extraordinary results – Conversational Intelligence®

Create an environment that fosters trust and transparency in partnership with your team. Through this trust-building process, managers exponentially improve and accelerate the trajectory of the business model.