Women’s Leadership Coaching

LEAD to Excellence for Women™

For Women in a Corporate or Business Environment: Confidently Make the Climb to Leadership!

A 3-session live ZOOM training for women who want to develop leadership skills that are more characteristic of empowered feminine leadership qualities.  These qualities, when fully developed, serve to be influential in leading a team in a corporate environment, or as an entrepreneur in a business environment.

Excellence VS Perfectionism

Too often, women use excellence and perfectionism interchangeably. In relationships, life, and leadership, excellence is operating at your best with room for flexibility and forgiveness. Perfectionism is a limitation driven by judgment and unrealistic expectations of self and others. When women discover they don’t have to be more competent or perfectionistic in order to be taken seriously as leaders, and operate from excellence at their core, they become empowering leaders. When women Play to Win VS Play Not to Lose they are unstoppable!

In this training, we’ll expand on how women lead very differently than men in these three major areas; communication, perception, and appreciation… and why it matters. 


In communication, women tend to listen to connect and express themselves in ways that strengthen relationships. This is a style that must be fully developed in order to become a great leader that gets extraordinary results. To get to the next level of leadership in your life, you must become an influential communicator.


Women are more innately intuitive than men.  When this strength is used to influence participation and support from others, it is highly effective. Being fully aware (plugged in) of why others do what they do and learning how to best motivate them from their wants and needs, will propel your leadership goals forward.


Women often motivate their employees by helping them find self-worth and satisfaction in their work, and by expressing appreciation for a job well-done.  This is transformational leadership as opposed to transactional leadership. In Conversational Intelligence® it is also referred to as Power With VS Power Over.

In this dynamic training, you’ll discover how to …

  • Build top performing individuals and teams by understanding their underlying motives and why they do what they do 
  • Utilize groundbreaking neuroscience applications to generate powerful conversations that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success … to produce extraordinary results  
  • Develop your own effective transformational style of leadership

You’ll also discover how to create an environment that fosters trust and transparency in partnership with your team. Through this trust-building process, women as leaders make a greater contribution to their companies and their world.

Your facilitator for this live training is Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC who is a Prosperity-Builder Coachon this platform, a certified trainer in Color Code® Personality Science,  a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence®, an entrepreneur, and a published author.

Some of the content for this training is adapted from Conversational Intelligence® and the work of Judith E. Glaser © Benchmark Communications Inc. and The CreatingWE® Institute. All Rights Reserved.
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