This Community is an Opportunity for You to Grow, Thrive & Prosper

Despite Your Current Challenges

We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, meaningful & flourishing life!
Our Prosperity-Building Coaches™ are here to coach & mentor you in... 
  • Mastering your emotions for peak performance
  • ​Managing stress & initiating self-care
  • ​Achieving optimal health for protection against disease & viruses  
  • ​Elevating your personal & professional communication & relationships
  • Being a prosperity-minded parent raising your kids to thrive
  • ​Building a prosperous entrepreneurial enterprise/business   
  • ​Becoming a thriving influencer in your career  
This Community for women is a safe, supportive & empowering environment for initiating bold change in your life!

Why Join this Community? 

"I registered for LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community because I loved the Summit agenda & connecting with other women. What I saw is that the Community can be used to create a more fulfilling life. The timing is so right because we’ve been confined & must reach out to support one another. As women we need to claim our authentic voices, as we realize our goals & dreams. We are models for our daughters. I’m looking forward to watching all the workshops in my own time."
  ~ Dolores 

5 Reasons to Become a Member of
LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community for Women

Being part of a motivated group of women who want to change their circumstances, in a safe supportive environment impacting their own lives & becoming an influence for change. 

Plus, new on-demand super workshops being added monthly, focused on each area of life & an online course designed to increase your finances.

This leads you to explore & experience dynamic workshops, masterclasses & masterminds to get you where you are now to where you want to be, in any specific area of life you choose to improve.   

Group coaching is a safe, supportive, confidential space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action & accountability. We’ll be offering advanced coaching in small groups of 6-8 women with common issues. 

Our coaches have adopted a model to inspire & impact the women we coach, to embrace a healthy, meaningful & flourishing life. This is the foundational principle that drives our Community.  

We believe every woman deserves an opportunity to thrive & prosper in all areas of her life.   

Meet a few of our Coaches who are in the Membership Community to support & guide you on your journey. 

Begin Your Journey Here to a Transformed Life   

We define prosperity as embracing a healthy, meaningful & flourishing life.  Our mission in developing this Community was to provide you an opportunity to join with other motivated women & gain access to affordable, accessible & actionable coaching.

Come for the Community - Stay for the Coaching!

Who is this for?
Women seeking to elevate their personal & professional lives,
breaking through their challenges to achieve their goals & aspirations 

  • A private community of motivated women engaging in personal development ($6,984 value)
  • Content on a downloadable app for any device – it’s not a Facebook Group  
  • Access to 22 multi-topic workshops & interviews facilitated by professional coaches to begin your journey ($2,397 value)
  • ​Coaching tips & tools throughout the month to inspire change ($147 value) 
  • ​On-demand motivational workshop added monthly based on each month's theme to re-ignite your life ($1,164 value)
  • ​Live group coaching session each month to inspire & encourage you ($197 value)
  • ​Monthly Book Clubs facilitated by coaches covering women’s issues (books selected by vote from the membership ($197 value)
  • Considerable ​discounts on Masterclasses, Bootcamps, Masterminds & other coaching services 

Total Value $11,086

These rates are locked-in as long as you maintain your Membership 

Content & conversations on one downloadable app for any device – it’s not a Facebook Group 

You'll also have online access from any computer with an internet connection 
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