Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™
On-Demand Virtual Workshop

This workshop was developed for professional coaches to discover how to apply the underlying imagery in your client's mind to deepen the coaching engagement. 
60-Minute On-Demand Virtual Workshop
Do you ever feel that you may be missing the deeper level of meaning when listening to your clients?

Do you perhaps miss their metaphors?

Metaphors are a powerful tool to help coaches clarify meaning in the midst of deep emotions when words may not be enough. 
In this Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™ Virtual Workshop, you'll get an introduction and application to the use of imagery, symbols, and metaphors to illustrate the deeper meaning of developing a new life story.
So often, we see that our clients may believe they’re creating a new vision for their lives, and later, wonder why they’re still struggling. They may be stuck in the same picture and only adding frame after frame when what they really need is a whole new set of pictures that clearly illustrate a brand new flourishing storyline.
You’ll Discover How To...
Easily introduce metaphors into your coaching practice to heighten intuition and promote mindfulness. 
Listen for the deeper meaning for what is behind the words
Listen between the lines for what is not being said
Activate new neural pathways in your client's brain
Identify your client's mental images that hold their feelings, emotions, beliefs and values 
More than just a workshop! 
When you register for this virtual workshop you'll receive a comprehensive participant guide to begin to apply the use of metaphors with your clients.

You’ll leave the workshop with an audio download to A Visualization to Clear Your Chakras and Attract Greater Prosperity. 

Bonus: Access to Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment where you’ll gain valuable insights in 4 important areas of your life ($27 value). 

About the Facilitator: 
Janet Ver Fine, PhD

My inspiration for Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™ comes from my experiences living and working with Native American tribes. I became fascinated with weaving and the process of symbolism the Southwest tribes incorporated into their cultural art. Their visions for the design came from within as spontaneous expressions of their reality.

Accreditation and Credentials: 
* Doctoral Degree in Human Development
* Master Degrees in Organizational Systems and
  Counseling Psychology
* Certified Life Coach, BCC
* Yoga Therapist, ASY
What Clients Are Saying About Working With Janet Ver Fine, PhD
“I immediately felt a sense of lightness and wellness, like a load was taken off my shoulders. The past year of working with Janet has inspired me to make major shifts in my personal and professional life.” ~ Heidi
"Janet has coached me to examine my fears and reframe my negative beliefs, so I can embrace life changes, thus evolve.
We started by creating a vision board that captured my desires for what is new and next. The board is my own billboard of what my heart desires in this next phase of my life.” ~ Holly
"She inspired me to look at the beauty in my life and as a result, I started doing my art again. The knowledge and care she exudes to her clients is just amazing!!!” ~ Carol 
I'm ready to discover a deeper meaningful purpose in my practice to initiate powerful change in my clients
Includes On-Demand Workshop, Participant Guide, A Visualization to Clear Your
Chakras and Attract Greater Prosperity and Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Mindset Assessment.
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