My Story of Self-Sabotage

By Coach Gloria Manchester:

Have you ever sabotaged yourself where you instantly recognized what you did?

I recall this one day in my life, about 25 years ago, when I was driving down the 55 freeway in Orange County, CA, in my beautiful, almost new, leased Firebird, and traffic was in gridlock. We would move a little, pick up speed, then boom, we’d be stopped again. If you have ever driven on any Southern California freeway during rush hour, you know exactly what I mean.

In a single moment, the car in front of me stopped suddenly as I was looking down at my CD player popping in one of my favorite songs, Willie Nelson singing “Always on my Mind“. In that one regretful moment, cars started moving and when the truck in front of me suddenly stopped again, bang … I plowed my Pontiac Firebird into his vehicle and the woman behind me plowed into the rear of my car. There I was in a three-car crash, on the freeway, with gridlock all around. I had a serious neck injury! The woman behind me was also injured. The stress I had been experiencing in my life over my negative financial situation, suddenly flashed through my mind. I was in despair! This situation felt like another major sabotage, not unlike many others I had previously created.

It took some time before the ambulance and police could get to the scene, so while I was still softly playing Willie’s CD, I suddenly turned my anger at what had just happened, onto myself. I started banging on the steering wheel and crying out “what is wrong with me?”  And yes,  “why me God? I’m a talented hard-working woman and leader.” Since this was before air bags, I was injured; my car was totaled and I was broke … but still alive. I absolutely know what it’s like to lose all the possessions I had worked so hard to acquire. I vowed this would never happen again.

My mission with this Platform called Create a Thriving Life Story is to produce programs to support you who may also have experienced disappointment, loss, or failure, to free yourself; write a new life story and reinvent your life … just as I have.

All my coaching programs include an awareness process to help clients recognize how and when they sabotage themselves, in the moment, before it actually happens.

What is self-sabotage? It is an unconscious subversion, disruption, or obstruction to hinder our own cause or endeavor. We consciously have a desired outcome but we work against ourselves unconsciously. 

I invite you to look around this Platform at all the courses, workshops, webinars, and products available to help you discover how to prosper in your business and your life. One of my favorite sayings, “Suffering is Optional”.