6 Weeks of interactive live ZOOM Masterclass Coaching Sessions!
Nurture & Nature Through Whole Foods,
Movement & Self-Care     
6-Weeks to Experiencing a Radical Health Shift  

Have you ever been on a diet roller coaster?

American's spend billions of dollars each year to drop pounds quickly or go through dramatic short term approaches.  

In only 6-sessions, Certified Health Coach Eden will get you off the diet roller coaster and on the path to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. 
Session Dates to be Announced 
You’ll Discover...
Easy ways to incorporate healthy food and movement into your daily life
Learning Simple Secrets to Burning More Fat
Shopping and Preparing Easy Meals with my 4-Day Energy Experiment
Discovering Which Areas of Your Life are Calling to be Nourished
According to an article in TIME Magazine on The Science of Weight Loss "Cravings can change over time...
especially if you begin to eat a larger variety of nutritious foods."  

With the rising costs of health insurance and healthcare, what could be more important than
nurturing your body with healthy whole foods from nature? 
What You'll Receive:  
• Nurture & Nature Masterclass Participant Guide will be provided to deepen your learning experience
• $50 off the Masterclass fee ($50 value) when you register with a $97 refundable deposit 
• A special 45-minute one-on-one session working with Eden to support your specific health and wellness ($125 Value)
• Access to any one of our other virtual workshops on Create a Thriving Life Story™ Platform ($47 Value)

Benefits in Participating
About the Facilitator
Eden Paulazzo
Certified Health Coach
Prosperity-Builder Coach™ 
My mission as a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach is to provide support, encouragement, accountability, and a strategy for those seeking to turn their greatest challenges into their greatest gifts, while stepping into and owning their health. 
What Clients Are Saying About Working With Eden 
"Eden is honestly amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to find balance in their lives and needs to navigate challenges and change. She is a skilled coach, knowledgeable in her field, and guides with grace and compassion." – Cailyn
"Eden is such an inspiring coach. I think it’s rare to find a person like her who walks her talk with so much integrity. The way she listens is such a gift. She was masterful in guiding me to find my own motivation and desire to change. What I’ve learned from her has stuck!"  – Amber
"Eden guided me to take a deep look at the persistent and deep-rooted self-defeating behaviors like shopping and binge eating which were driven by emotions and habits. I was able to see the truth behind my cravings." – Michelle
I'm ready to discover a new way to nurture my body and my life. 
Live Sessions to be announced soon
Includes six 60-minute sessions, Participant Guide and bonuses. 

Your $97 refundable deposit gives you a $50 discount off the total workshop price of $347.
Your $200 balance will be due 5 days before the start of first session.  
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