3 Essential Strategies
for Women:
Reclaiming Your Healthy Weight/Energy/Vitality 
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Strategy #1
A healthy body begins with a radical shift in your mindset 
Strategy #2
The imbalance in your hormones effect your metabolism & negatively impact your weight loss efforts 
Strategy #3
Self-care & self-compassion play a critical role in your weight & overall wellbeing 
This informative FREE Webinar is for women who want to reclaim their healthy weight, energy & vitality & fall radically in love with their bodies once again. If you’ve ‘tried’ more than one ‘diet’ unsuccessfully & you want to win at shedding the pounds & sustaining a healthy weight, this presentation is for you.  

It was developed to challenge your concept of ‘dieting’. A ‘diet’ approach is an external solution to an internal problem, begins from a place of fear & not enough & encourages resistance & pain.  
Meet Your Hosts
Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC
Amazon Bestselling Author & Professional Thrive Coach
Lynn Billett
Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Expert 
Excess weight can present many challenges including physical limitations as well as emotional & health issues, especially from age 35-65. What’s at stake for you if you don’t initiate essential change in your outlook & your health? 

After all your struggles with dieting, imagine shedding pounds in a wholesome way, having energy & vitality, falling in love with your body again & looking fabulous in your favorite pair of jeans.
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* very limited seating - only 200 spots for each webinar we do *

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