My Dad, who has since passed away, worked with Gloria Manchester in the finance business. She became a professional life coach, but they remained good friends for many years. He knew Larry & I were having marital problems. He didn’t want me to get another divorce, so he paid for us to participate in couples coaching with Gloria.

I went into this coaching program with little hope, lots of anger, and very little light at the end of the tunnel for our relationship. I was reluctant but tried it anyway. I’m glad to say 10 years later we are in love and happier than ever.  This coaching was life-changing, it gave us answers and clarity about one another.  The Color Code® Personality Assessment was key to understanding each other’s strengths and limitations.  Once I understood Larry had an immense fear of making mistakes, it was clear that criticizing him was not just annoying, it was painful for him to hear.  One of my main limitations was fear of not being loved, being rejected, and  abandoned.  This helped Larry to understand that walking out and shutting down only caused more fear and anger for me. It was a vicious cycle.

As a couple, we had to unlearn some habits from our childhood; arguing, having to be right and needing each to have the last word.  We had to really put our pride and egos aside and allow Gloria to peel back a little layer at a time, like peeling an onion where the outside layers are not edible, but the inside layers are still good.

Although the growing process was uncomfortable on some days, new revelations emerged, and the broken parts started to heal.  I was frustrated trying to figure out why he couldn’t see things my way and vice versa. The Color Code® gave us answers and Gloria followed up with rules of engagement and strategies using her coaching tools & techniques.

I could finally stop guessing why things weren’t working, because now we had a game plan, we had answers.  Having the knowledge of who we are, authentically, at our core, and discovering how to positively express our feelings with one another, healed our marriage and brought out the best in each of us. This process began a new journey for Larry and me.

Thanks Dad and Gloria for your love and insight.

Love, Paula

Gloria Manchester, Life & Prosperity-Building Coach is the founder of Create a Thriving Life Story & From Self-Sabotage to Self-AcceptanceHow to Overcome Your Challenges, Achieve Your Goals & Reach Your Full Potential, a Life Mastery Course for women in their 2nd half of life (50+)